Young Disruptors Launch Series For Hip-Hop and Urban Culture
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Young Disruptors Launch SENNA: A Multiplatform Series For Hip-Hop and Urban Culture

Adrian Grant and Patrice Drew, founders of SENNA

What makes your business stand out?
SENNA aims to partner with individual creators, providing them with access to our growing distribution and (soon) monetization network, which boasts a presence on everything from smartphones to set-top devices.

What qualities have helped you succeed thus far?
Being authentic and true to the culture we hope to provide a platform for.

Since launching your business, what have you been most surprised to learn about yourself?
I am not a night person. I know it’s uncool to say you need sleep, but what I’ve learned the hard way is how much having a schedule means to my productivity. I’ve had to learn to listen to my body and mind, and optimize for the hours when I am most sharp and efficient.

You’ve captured the attention of influencers who participate in the SENNA Live feature? Can you share some tips on how to capture the attention of celebrities and influencers?
My number one piece of advice would be to tap into your network (it really is your net worth). You’d be surprised to learn all the interesting people your friends follow or know personally or professionally. I would also advise being persistent. Getting contact information is the easy part. You have to be relentless and follow up. If they haven’t said ‘no’ yet, keep emailing them.