Young Disruptors Launch SENNA: A Multiplatform Series For Hip-Hop and Urban Culture

Young Disruptors Launch SENNA: A Multiplatform Series For Hip-Hop and Urban Culture

It’s no secret that hip-hop culture is making waves across industries. Several major brands, such as Burger King, used the Drake-Meek Mill feud as a marketing tool to reach customers.

Students and teachers alike have performed the hit song Watch Me Whip/Nae Nae, during high school graduations and gym classes. Even First Lady Michele Obama released a hip-hop video to encourage kids to go to college.

So when Adrian Grant and Patrice Drew realized the ‘boom of urban content emanating through pop culture,’ they created SENNA, an app for videos, memes, music, and conversations about hip-hop and urban culture.

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“The sources of urban content were vine compilations, memes, popular web series’, and watercooler conversations on various social media platforms like #BlackTwitter,” said co-founder Adrian Grant. “This movement, however, didn’t have a central platform, or a means to enable creators of these massive trends to monetize and distribute their content. So that’s why we created SENNA. The goal for SENNA is to be synonymous with all things hip-hop culture, just as ESPN is synonymous with all things sports.”

The founders of SENNA met as undergraduates at NYU’s Stern School of Business. Adrian Grant is the founder & CEO of SENNA. He has over a decade of experience building, commercializing, and scaling social software. Previously, he founded Venture Assembly, a private social network monitoring the flow of $2 billion of venture capital utilized by over 30 venture capital firms. Patrice Drew is the Co-founder and COO of SENNA. A market research analyst by trade, she’s spent over 10 years scaling data and brand monetization efforts for notable companies, such as Hearst, Meredith Corporation, and The New York Times; each bringing in over $1B in annual revenue. Additionally, Drew has experience leveraging demographic trends for successful multi-million dollar partnerships with brands such as Hulu, Netflix, and Microsoft. Although SENNA is in its alpha phase, the creation of this innovative app proves that creating ‘snackable’ content is key to engaging today’s consumer.

The SENNA app also features unique real-time segments, such as SENNA Live; a one-on-one real-time conversation with influencers, creatives, and professionals in the community, such as Carlos King, TV producer of Real Housewives of Atlanta and Love and Hip Hop Atlanta; Numa Perrier, Co-founder of Black & Sexy TV; and Rob Hill SR, an author, and motivational speaker. “SENNA Live allows people to engage with influencers and have a candid conversation in a safe, intimate space. People who opt-in to participate have clear and direct communication and are guaranteed an instant response,” said Drew. caught up with the founders to learn more about their journey. What problem does your business solve?
SENNA: We are creating a community and multi-platform distribution channel for content that is typically siloed across different spaces on the web. Our audience is made of creators and consumers of hip-hop culture. We reach everyone from the YouTube comedian to the kid in middle America who wants to learn how to ‘dab.’

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