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Your Back to School Shopping — Made Affordably Easy

Become a follower. If you’ve been resisting the pressure to join Facebook or Twitter, you may want to reconsider. One of my favorite Twitter pastimes is following JetBlue and South West Airlines, and it’s not because of all the witty tweets. The airlines post great deals on flights and sometimes promote contests for free flights. Many companies use social networking sites to draw in customers with deals and specials. Become a Facebook “fan” of your favorite retailers or “follow” said retailer twitter for the latest deals and special coupons.

Don’t rush. For most students, going back to school is all about donning the trendiest fashions and the latest smart phone. But instead of bulk shopping, Madhok recommends piecemeal purchasing.  “Wait to buy everything,” she says. “Things start to go on sale as the season progresses, and it will give your child time to find out what [he or she] really wants.” Spread the shopping out over weeks or month to cut down on splurghing, Madhok adds.

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