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BE Modern Man: Meet Celebrity Trainer Hino Ehikhamenor

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As a BE Modern Man, Hino Ehikhamenor believes that to hold this distinction is to “be the opposite of what society thinks and projects.” Made in Africa, hardened in New York, and celebrated around the globe, Mr. Ehikamenor says that a BE Modern Man “is a successful, confident Black man who does for himself while keeping his community and family in mind.” By not allowing the opinion of others to overshadow his accomplishments, Hollywood Hino continues to defy expectations, push forward to excellence, and proves that our normal is extraordinary. It is not in his nature to quit or cower to negativity. Instead, this admirable talent with fists of steel and a heart of gold pushes through obstacles with his head held high to the finish line.

Hino, a man who believes in building bridges for those who have yet to come, earned his reputation through blood, sweat, and hard work. From competing for championships in the ring to getting the best out of his compatriots in life and the gym — Mr. Ehikhamenor represents the fortitude that we as a people have that grows stronger and more positive by the day.

We here at Black Enterprise salute you, Ehinomen “Hollywood Hino” Ehikhamenor, for contributing positive images of African and African American culture to the masses. Your mission of providing health awareness and being a beacon of resolve through effort and dedication frames us in an enthusiastic light, and is meant to be celebrated and appreciated.


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