Getting Started: Opening a Business with Your Best Friend

Kandi Burruss and Biz partner Peaches Chin

A conscious decision to succeed and never let business get in the way of their solid friendship is all it took for R&B songstress and Atlanta housewife Kandi Burruss and her friend Peaches Chin to open a boutique together–TAGS Boutique in Atlanta. Though Peaches, the day-to-day business half of TAGS, was able to make the being-friends-as-well-as-co-owners detail a non-issue, a will to succeed beyond business and her extensive experience in retail and celebrity styling didn’t prepare her for how fast the success of the boutique has taken off in its first year.–Arlice Nichole

While out of the country, Peaches set aside time to talk to about the rapid success of TAGS and mixing business with friendship.–Arlice As part owner of TAGS, what do you do?

Chin: While Kandi is the face of the business, handling all the marketing and promotion, I run the day-to-day operations, including the buying, sourcing new lines for the latest and trendiest styles, hiring staff and making sure our customers are always a priority.

You have prior experience in retail and styling. What exactly does your experience include, and how instrumental was it in preparing you for opening TAGS?

Before TAGS, I owned and operated my own retail store for ten years called Runway Fashion. I had two locations in Atlanta with celebrity clientele, and that’s how I met Kandi and several of the artists I ended up working with as a stylist. From there I started my own styling company called Fashionably Loud and worked with rappers T.I., Three 6 Mafia, and Young Jeezy, just to name a few.

Runway Fashion was very instrumental in preparing me for TAGS. When I opened Runway Fashion, I had no experience in being a boutique owner. But over the years, I learned the do’s and dont’s of running a retail business. After a successful ten years, I decided to close the stores and pursue fashion on a more intimate level and started styling on a regular basis. Runway Fashion was my training wheels for TAGS.

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