6 Tips for a Stress-Free You

CEO Tina Wells balances stress in her business (Image: Courtesy of subject)

Stress is no stranger to the life of a young business mogul or entrepreneur. It can come in a healthy form—the type that motivates you to push towards your goals—as well as a more harmful type, which can lead to a plethora of health issues such as heart disease, high blood pressure and depression. According to the American Psychological Association’s 2010 Stress in America survey conducted by Harris Interactive, Americans are managing their stress in unhealthy ways. “Year after year nearly three-quarters of Americans say they experience stress at levels that exceed what they define as healthy,” said psychologist Norman B. Anderson, PhD, APA’s chief executive officer and executive vice president, in the press release. “People are also saying they have difficulty implementing the changes they know will decrease their stress and improve their health.”

Tina Wells, CEO of Buzz Marketing Group, BlackEnterprise.com weekly columnist and author of Chasing Youth Culture and Getting It Right, set for release in April 2011, spoke with BlackEnterprise.com about ways Be Nexters can remain collected in the midst of stress, how you can optimize your work schedule and why taking your lunch hour is essential to staying composed during the workday.

Don’t work 24/7

“I own a business so I’m never going to be able to fully clock out, but it definitely gives me the ability to say after 5 o’clock or 6 o’clock, I’m leaving the office,” says Wells. The 30-year-old makes it a habit not to speak to clients after work hours and, whenever possible, reserves the weekends for relaxation or creative writing.

Make time to do what you love

Your job might be fulfilling, but work can’t be your only source of enjoyment. Having a life outside of your job will keep you refreshed and ready to tackle your responsibilities during the workday. The marketing and research strategist suggests surrounding yourself with friends and family as a morale booster. She also finds attending spinning class as a way for her to work out any built up stress.

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