3 Excuses Holding You Back From Success

Enough with the excuses

Are you constantly talking yourself out of taking steps toward your dreams? Sometimes, it’s not a lack of skills that hold us back from success, it’s our bad habits and excuses.

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Equally important to mastering new skills, is mastering your 0wn mindset. What are you feeding your mind? Remember, your thoughts dictate your actions. Here are a few common excuses that can hold you back from success:

“I just don’t have the time.”


The next time you find yourself saying “I don’t have the time,” complete the sentence with “because (fill in the blank)______________ is not a priority. Here’s the thing, it’s not about having the time, it’s about making the time. So if a goal is important for you, you’ll figure out a way to work on it.

Don’t forget, baby steps count too. Look at your daily routine. Can you wake up an hour earlier or go to bed later than usual? Even if you can only allot 30 minutes a day, figure out what needs to happen during that time, then use your smartphone to schedule each step, commit to making your goal happen by removing distractions and possibly finding an accountability partner.

“I need clarity before I can get started.”


Motivational speaker and life coach Marie Forleo said it best, “Clarity comes from engagement, not thought.” Do you need to consult with someone such as a career coach or fitness coach? Do you need a checklist or worksheet to guide you as you complete your project? Is striving for perfection holding you back? Lack of clarity is not an excuse to stay stuck. Adopt a trial and error mindset, and improve as you move along.

“I want to start (complete the sentence)_________but everybody is doing it.”  


A typical excuse for people who worry too much about what other people think. Remember, people buy into people. So one solution to the “but everyone’s doing it” syndrome is adding your unique story or point of view. Another way to look at things is to figure out how to disrupt or shake up the process. If it’s a product or service, think about how you can make it cheaper or more convenient for people.