8 Responses to International Pursuits: 5 Tips for Transitioning Into a Global Job

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  3. NIgel says:

    This is an awesome way to beat the recession….the market is for bigger than in the US alone and it also gives you a wider view of the world…

  4. Adria says:

    I live and work in Colombia, South America. As I work in international development, I was granted a transfer request a year ago and will be here for at least 3 more years. Two points: getting bi or tri lingual is a requirement for being considered for positions overseas, especially now when everyone is trying to escape the US job market. Also, have a savings plan in place with some firm goals. Mine are to pay off my student loans completely during my time here and to meet my personal savings goals (six months salary plus investment property downpayments) while I’m here.

  5. Diego says:

    / July 12th, 2007, 6:20 pm / Vjack,I always wish more mcnsuiais would do this too. I think they’re too worried about alienating portions of their audience. But a good concert for me is about the closest thing to a religious experience with good reason, the same areas of the brain are stimulated but much more interesting and fulfilling.Check out both the new Rush and the new NIN. Both very anti-religious. I hope to have time to post on them soon.

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