Belinda Enoma, The Purpose Activator, Lets Freedom Ring on Nation’s Capital

Inspirational speaker and business coach headlines Maryland empowerment conference

Belinda Enoma,

It was a glorious gathering in Annapolis, Maryland. Outside the nation’s capital, women and men from various locations in the country met under the auspices of a common purpose and cause: intentional emancipation.

Now some may suggest that we are free; we are no longer slaves. That may be true from a physical perspective, but there are many areas of our lives that still may be in shackles. Some are still chained to past trauma or financial failure, and some are still caught in the thicket of crippling fear and limiting beliefs.

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The iEmancipateME Conference challenged attendees to eliminate the excuses, activate their purposes, employ life strategies to get unstuck, and walk out their destinies. An expert cadre of speakers and presenters showed attendees how to take their businesses, organizations, careers, health, faith, finances, and brands to the next level of freedom. In the spirit of celebration, there was a diversity of artists ranging from liturgical dances to saxophone selections, to soulful, contemporary and traditional gospel renditions. Attendees left the conference fired up to live more abundantly and whole– emotionally, financially, physically, and spiritually.

The iEmancipateME movement is about experiential freedom, whether serving in family, community, career, ministry or marketplace. It’s an experience that induces a metamorphosis in people’s lives that are solely based on biblical concepts and principles. At iEmancipateME, people were shown that; despite challenges, they have been equipped to win. The first step to being free from bondage, baggage, and unnecessary weights is to use your mouth to declare: ‘I emancipate me. Yes, me. Myself. I free myself. I refuse to live this way anymore. I choose to be free. I must change and I need help.’

Born in England, the conference host, Belinda Enoma, is an international speaker, purpose activator, TV personality, pastor, and business consultant. Her husband, Dr. Ben Enoma, is also a great proponent and pillar to the iEmancipateME mission and vision. Enoma has worked on various technology projects in several Fortune 500 corporations across Europe and the USA, such as PWC, Aetna, Medtronic, and SONY. The author of several books published by Dunamis Press: The Bilhah Moment, The Exalted Horn, 7 Great Business Ideas You Never Thought Of, You Can Be Set Free: Purposefully Unleash Yourself and Reclaim Your Joy; Enoma’s transformative seminars and conferences for personal, business and executive elevation are igniting many worldwide to take action, walk boldly, and be ready to win. She has taught and been featured on several internationally syndicated television networks, including TBN and LeSea.

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