19 Responses to 10 Black Celebrities Who Attended Ivy League Schools

  1. J A Walker says:

    Nice list, but what about Benjamin T. Jealous President and CEO of the NAACP and graduate of Columbia University.

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  3. J says:

    Great list! However, the entry on Tyra is incorrect. I am a student at Harvard Business School and she is not a two-year MBA student. However, she did pay for and attend the Executive Education program meant for business leaders- these programs range from roughly 3-6 weeks. And it’s still an impressive accomplishment for the model turned media mogul. This should be corrected.

  4. ron says:

    good news to my ears

  5. Pauly says:

    Impressive list, though Tyra Banks’ inclusion for showing up at an executive program takes away from the list.

    – First lady Michelle Obama (Princeton’85)
    – Jazz great Stanley Jordan (Princeton ’81)
    – Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas (Yale Law ’74)

    • Z says:

      Great list, but lets just quietly leave Clarence Thomas off that list please… If he’s a celebrity he’s known in infamy.

      • Mr. AOP says:

        You claim he is Infamous for successfully defending himself against false accusations? He’s a great educated black man you just don’t like that he’s a conservative

  6. lecloche says:

    Don’t forget Dartmouth grad Aisha Tyler.

  7. austin jay says:

    Bill clinton went to yale university

  8. austin jay says:

    who is going to yale please reply with a yes or no or a comment

  9. Kevin says:

    Robinne Lee received a B.A. in Psychology from Yale University, and graduated from Columbia Law.

  10. A RICH says:


  11. Succesful Sim says:

    Great list! Very informative and valuable for the younger generation to be privy to.

  12. Latest med tech says:

    Some useful bits of information here, thanks very much!

  13. mochaboywndr says:

    Courtney B. Vance did his undergrad at Harvard and has an MFA from Yale. He met his wife Angela Bassett at Yale, from where she is also a graduate. Rashida Jones is a Harvard grad. Obama went to Columbia and Harvard, and Michelle went to Princeton. Hill Harper graduated magna cum laude from Brown and cum laude from Harvard law. Sanaa Lathan is a grad of both UC Berkeley and Yale. Aisha Tyler is a Dartmouth grad. John Legend is a Penn grad. Joy Bryant is a Yale alum.

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