22 Responses to 10 Most Expensive Divorces for Black Celebrities

  1. Carl Williamson says:

    Great articles, but BE/TV and BE Connected overlay on top or inside the articles making them very difficult or almost impossible to read.This has been an ongoing problem that someone in IT needs to address.Thank you.

    • Anslem Samuel says:

      Thanks for the alert. We are looking into it. it appears to be a Internet Explorer compatibility issue. If you use any of the other browsers (Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc) you should be able to view the content with no worries.

  2. Dee says:

    Since when did Bob and Sheila Johnson start Ebony magazine?? Last I heard it was Johnson’s from Chicago, John H. & Eunice!
    Shame on you BE for getting that piece of data seriously wrong!!

  3. MDH32 says:

    Jennifer Lopez/ Mark Anthony, which one is black?

  4. Yvi says:

    I thought this was for Black Celebrity Divorces? Jennifer has said on numerous occasions that she is NOT Black.

    Black Enterprise, please make this correction.

  5. Yvi says:

    Also, I think she would be very upset to know her name is being affiliated with a statistic for the Black community.

  6. Willie L. Carter Jr. says:

    Bob & Sheila Johnson did not run Ebony magazine. John Harold Johnson & Eunice Walker Johnson founded and ran Ebony magazine.

  7. gcs says:

    Interesting – these are the top 10? And all have at least one black spouse (or Hispanic – same difference)…

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  20. Twentieth says:

    Who gives a fuck what color they are,you people are so small minded.

  21. PremiereOne says:

    I see nothing in this article about Bob and Shelia Johnson and Ebony magazine. It talks about BET.

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