Beverly Bond Responds to White Girls Rock Hashtag

The DJ defends her movement in a personal essay

(Image: Facebook)
(Image: Facebook)

Over the weekend, BET aired the fifth Black Girls Rock! award ceremony to honor and celebrate the accomplishments and good works of black girls, young and wise. During the live show, viewers flooded social media with the hashtag #BlackGirlsRock to share their thoughts and “mention” attendees like Tracee Ellis Ross, First Lady Michelle Obama and the Black Girls Rock! founder Beverly Bond.

While some women felt a sense of pride and progression, others were offended and argued that a show focused solely on black girls who rock depicted reverse racism. This fired off a new hashtag—#WhiteGirlsRock.  @RoseVictorian tweeted, “Michelle Obama is the most inappropriate first lady in our nation’s history. Disgusting racist. #whitegirlsrock,” while @chelseaellecarr expressed, “Just seen an event #BlackGirlsRock are you kidding me? Imagine if there was a #whitegirlsrock this is disgraceful.”

Black Girls Rock!, the TV show that evolved from the community organization, has sparked debate in previous years, but the creator Beverly Bond didn’t involve herself in the controversy. This year, however, Bond decided to address the new hashtag in an article for The Root.

“When I heard about the ‘#whitegirlsrock’ hashtag that trended on Twitter, my immediate reaction was, ‘Well, duh! Of course white girls rock. Are they unaware?'” Bond writes. “White women’s beauty, talent, diversity and worldly contributions are affirmed everywhere: on billboards, on television, in magazines and in textbooks.”

She points out that black women, however, are not so frequently reminded of their contributions. “The participants in the #whitegirlsrock hashtag, who heralded accusations of reverse racism, fail to acknowledge the history of racism in media including the perpetual absence of diverse stories and representations of black women.”

Other valid points from Bond’s response are:

“As a humanist, I believe that we all rock. My issue is that the commentary that followed the ‘#whitegirlsrock’ hashtag was not even about affirming dynamic white women. Instead, it was about critiquing or even punishing black women for having the nerve, the audacity and the unmitigated gall to love and affirm ourselves.”

“I also think the anxiety that people have about Black Girls Rock!-ing reveals the blind spots associated with white privilege, including the inability to acknowledge that the privilege actually exists, a lack of accountability for prejudices and an overwhelming deficit in cultural competency.”

“The affirmation Black Girls Rock! does not mean other girls don’t rock, nor is Black Girls Rock! an ornamental phrase used to cloak ourselves in vanity. Saying that we rock is a response to the tremendous neglect that black girls feel when they grow up in a society, or, as Mara Brock Akil said in her 2013 Black Girls Rock! acceptance speech, ‘where they grow up in a home where their picture is not on the wall.'”

“From the suffragist movement to the civil rights movement, social change organizations and programs have been born out of sheer necessity. Because of the severe need that I observed, I created a platform where black women across the world can be seen in our beautiful and rich complexity. It is a space where black girls can rock in remembrance of our sheroes like Harriet Tubman, Ida B. Wells, Bessie Coleman, Lena Horne, Shirley Chisholm, Rosa Parks and Nina Simone.”

“And like the dynamic legends of our past, I know black girls will continue to rock because, as Iyanla Vanzant said in her 2010 Black Girls Rock! Awards acceptance speech, ‘We have no other choice.'”

“All are welcome to take part in this celebration of our history and our contributions to mankind, but know that our empowerment does not limit your own power, purpose, potential or worth. There is enough room for all of us to rock together.”

What’s your take on Black Girls Rock!? Share with us below, or on Twitter, @BlackEnterprise, using the hashtag #SoundOff.

154 Responses to Beverly Bond Responds to White Girls Rock Hashtag

  1. Cass says:

    well written Ms. Bond. I love your approach to the topic. If people could just tend to their gardens and BlackGirlsRock is doing, there would not ne so many wilted flowers.

  2. Inny, Meeny, Miny, Mo! says:

    Ummm did she ever venture into fashion week? There are so many avenues that white girls have been rock’in in since slavery……they don’t have to say it……..The fact that White girls rock is unspoken but totally seen…… Watch the commercials and TV shows and popular films! Pah Leesh! White been rockin! Now black girls know they have their own paths to ROCK! ROCK ON BLACK GIRLS!!!

  3. Val says:

    YES Ms. Bond!!! Mrs. Obama is a black girl. She understands that we need affirmation. We have to do that for each other. That does not make her racist, she came to help affirm other black women that rock. What’s wrong with that. White girls beauty, talents, brains, have always been affirmed everywhere, television, billboards, the work place. What’s wrong with us celebrating each other? #blackgirlsrock

  4. lovelyone50 says:

    I believe in Ms. Bond creating this platform for the girls that are to come up, this gives them something to strive for and become better than the last generation by expressing their abilities and giving them a sense of pride in the process. I believe in this organization not because I am african american but that it is so important for young girls to feel good about themselves especially the BLACK GIRLS because of our struggles, if another person or race can’t understand they are just being envious that they didn’t come up with this idea first. REAL TALK ! ! ! ! !

  5. Anthony Evans says:

    Yes we all rock…Love Black Girls Rock,because it gives my mallato daughter the opportunity to value her black side as well,to love her beatiful curls and blended skin….#BlackGirlsRock

  6. Anthony Evans says:

    Needless to say,they also can’t rock like Black Girls…sounds like someone’s jelliiii

  7. Estella Cohen says:

    White girls rock??Whites just hate it because FLOTUS was on this year for the first time. Seems wherever she goes those ugly white hateful critters follow!! The program has been on for years on BET without a white eye even noticing.Just another phony copy of something Black people originated!!!

  8. Christa Dyer says:

    Enough said… Black Girls Rock!!! Period:)

  9. weedahbee says:

    Let us have something … just one time

  10. Jackie says:

    If we don’t rock ourselves, who will rock us? May we continue to rock without white women trying to take that away from use too!! Together we stand divided we will fall!

  11. Brownsuga says:

    When will we stop this division? It is nothing wrong with affirmation. This is basically the same argument of why we need Black colleges, Black magazines, etc. Have we forgotten that Black girls growing up had only little White dolls to play with and very few Blacks to watch on tv? It has not changed a whole lot. This is why we must have shows and ways to affirm that we rock. If it helps one little girl to feel better about themselves then it’s worth the criticism. Feeling that we rock does not mean we don’t think anyone else does. People need to mature. Come on America let’s get it together!

    • Lisa says:

      Thank you Brownsuga … #BlackGirlsRock all day long … we don’t have to explain to anyone. Period.

    • black _developer says:

      Bullshit – Black chicks have an inherent sense of entitlement – an outlook on life that says “I deserve it all because my great great great great great great great grandma was a slave” — Stop me when I’m lying

      • Cheryl Bynoe says:

        You sir are so sad and lost. “Black chicks”??? Ask you mother, sisters, aunts about this topic then see if you can still feel comfortable calling bullshit. This is what really hurts me the most; when our brothers turn to illegal pursuits, we try to understand him (hold it down/ride-or-die); when our uncles march with millions, we celebrate with him; when our fathers are mourning the unlawful killing of their only son, we also mourn. History has proven that we “black chicks” always got your back. History has also proven that we “black chicks” are left to care for and about ourselves.

        • black _developer says:

          Yeah im sure mexican, chinese, japanese, korean chicks aren’t doing any of that and “Don’t Rock” as much as black chicks right?

        • Barbara Richardson says:

          Why are you keeping a conversation going with this guy. He’s a white guy trying too make you think he’s black. His life is boring so he comes in here for some excitement. Dismiss him.

      • VeeJones says:

        Actually my good friend is only 48 years and she remembered picking cotton on a plantation near San Antonio Texas. What world do you live in? Stop with the great, great, great, great bull! It is still happening in the good old boy states and throughout corporate America. Do I need to spell them out. No amends were made for the veil decay and savage acts that this country deployed upon the minds of black people. Racism is still upon us and so is oppression. I have zero tolerance for excuses, but I know the truth and so do you!

      • Serena says:

        you sound ridiculous!!! Entitlement?? I don’t have to go back even two generations to find an example of a black woman in my family who has had to work her tail off five times as much as her white counterpart only to be told by her white professors and white classmates that she will never amount to anything. Society haso suggested to our daughters that the definition of real beauty is pale, blue eyed bone thin blondes. we have to uplift ourselves and not a single attendee owes anyone an explanation. Blackeep women have been torn down by white society and even adapted this form of self hatred into their every day lives. I applaud first lady Obama for showing her black face at an event to encourage and uplift her black sisters. Don’t like it…oh well. We have been told for far too long what we ARE NOT. To hell with whoever is offended by us finally expressing self love.

        • black _developer says:

          The same is true for all races that aren’t white – what makes your black ass so special?

          • Tmoe1 says:

            The only one who think we are special are ignorant jealous a-holes like you! You are so obsessed with Black people to the point of insanity. That’s why you say such vile and ugly things, because you are sick and crazy, then hide behind fake pages and profiles, how brave of you! You hide behind your keyboard like the kkk hid behind hoods! Make your ignorant comments under your real name, then maybe someone will give a damn! Lol

          • black _developer says:

            Says the ratchet bitch with no avi – you gotta flip phone on welfare gtfoh

          • Tmoe1 says:

            It’s been awhile since I’ve seen this level of insanity, you must be unemployed. You can’t fear losing something that you don’t have! Lol, like you avi is a pic of you! See what I’m talking about, just sick in the head!

      • NaTasha Peterson-Richardson says:

        Unfortunately its not that many greats ago, slavery was only abolished 149 yrs ago & its not like my grandad was just released & flourished, masters fought tooth nail & won most times and then there’s you

        • peace65 says:

          Really!!! Yet, Black people are still treated as if they have no rights in this country. They can be killed simply by wearing a hooded jacket, or driving. It wasn’t too long ago Black had no right to drink at the same fountain as white, couldn’t go to the same school as right. Blacks are still being prosecuted today for saying Black girls rock. It has been centuries of belittling, for sure check Discovery channel or history book at your local library.

        • black _developer says:

          “Only 149 years” bitch that’s ages ago – no excuse – you don’t celebrate any part of your black history but want to complain about slavery like it didn’t happen to every race. GTFOH

          • NaTasha Peterson-Richardson says:

            WOW really name calling to facts?… Besides you have no idea what i do or don’t celedrate, mr. anonymous always the ones with courage of steel hiding behind false titles & pics. If u want to pretend all was glorious after the emancipation, that jim crow did not exist.. And that delibrate systemic enslavement continues to exist by all means have at it, Since facts outrage you so… Btw the way the oldest living person is a 116, completely alert and functional but I’m going to end here bc u have to be 12 to think 149 yrs is ages ago, lol COWARD

      • Sher says:

        You’re an idiot

      • Pillarof Strength says:

        Says the self-entitled fool. Descendants of child rapists, thieves, colonizers and murderers. I would not be happy if I were you. Why do you fools always like to troll Black sites? Take your little pee wee and gtfoh. TROLL!

      • Tmoe1 says:

        And it’s not that many “greats” ago, you big dummy! Now stop!

        • black _developer says:

          I was emphasizing suck my dick if you don’t like it bald head bitch

          • Tmoe1 says:

            Lol, you must be the by-product of incest. Your mind is truly wasted. You can’t help but feel sorry for someone as miserable as you are. You do know people are losing their livelihoods writing crap like this, hopefully, you are next! #racistgettingfired

          • black _developer says:

            bi-product – you retard

          • Tmoe1 says:

            Oops, the idiot got passed the 8th grade! Lol, at least you know what you are!

      • AMB35 says:

        STOP! What world is this you speaking of, Please let me know?

      • Barbara Richardson says:


      • peace65 says:

        Would you like to trade places with them? Was Black entittled to be enslaved, to be dismised, to be unfairly killed, jailed or are they deserving of legalized belittllng by White suprimacy?

        • black _developer says:

          That has happened to every race in history – blacks had it no worse than Indians or Aztecs who were also enslaved, raped, robbed. The difference is, the black folks that were slaves in the slave trade were already slaves in Africa. White folks didn’t go over there to a land unknown to them and start kidnapping niggas – Slaves were traded for spices by there very own kings. Besides all that shit happened waaaay too long ago to be hanging on to that shit now – FUCK BLACK GIRLS ROCK

          • peace65 says:

            This is how you justify slavery in America and its impact on our country today? Your logic is flawed, drug dealers can’t simply say that they are not to blame for selling an addictive product to vulnerable people; or they are not guilty because they didn’t start it, or they are not the first one to do so. The court would not accept that argument. You find this to be a sensible way of addressing this painful experience affecting your culture– brother, neighbor, co worker, friend, and acquaintance. You couldn’t justify animal, drug or human trafficking with that logic, but you are doing it in the case of Blacks. That kind of thinking is the result, social conditioning–racism. You are unable to see blacks as human beings deserving of the same rights as you; therefore, whenever they professed their rights that threatens what you believe is yours, and yours only. This all I have to say, no more!!!

  12. Toya Russell Phillips says:

    Mic drop.

  13. Dele Smith says:

    I agree with all of this, but this article refers to a letter that was written by Beverly Bond in 2013. Plus, it doesn’t even appear that the #whitegirlsrock hashtag that big a thing this time around. Again, I agree with Beverly Bond’s letter and all of the comments, but let’s keep in mind this is two years old. This article needs to be corrected to reflect that.

  14. kmad1 says:

    Lol jealousy is such a ugly thing. We do rock, like y’all say… get over it.

  15. kmad1 says:

    Lol jealousy is such a ugly thing. We do rock, like y’all say… get over it.

  16. Denielle Martinez says:

    I love the response! ! Though im only half black and native American my children are also natives and black and white!!!! So my opinion all women of color rock!!!

  17. Dr. Naa says:

    FYI the article from The Root is from 2013. But still very relevant today.

  18. Dr. Naa says:

    FYI the article from The Root is from 2013. But still very relevant today.

  19. greyed eye girl says:

    Why do white women expect to be included in the BLACK GIRS ROCK! celebration? It is NOT about them…sorry white girls BLACK GIRLS have the absolute right to celebrate, uplift and empower one another without you being in the mix! Cultural preference is not racial prejudice…they are distinctly different…too bad you are too ignorant to know that!

  20. greyed eye girl says:

    Why do white women expect to be included in the BLACK GIRS ROCK! celebration? It is NOT about them…sorry white girls BLACK GIRLS have the absolute right to celebrate, uplift and empower one another without you being in the mix! Cultural preference is not racial prejudice…they are distinctly different…too bad you are too ignorant to know that!

    • Laura5757 says:

      Fine but then don’t complain when you get excluded either- it goes both ways. Why not include other races to celebrate if they want? Unless they are trying to take it over for themselves, there’s really no need for exclusion.

      • marie lenard says:

        Its really sad that you don’t or will not every understand the struggle of black people, but especially black women and girls, who has to work extremely hard in school, college and workforce. Now , our black girls are in competition for our black men’s, wearing so much weave in to have a certain look, that looks similar to white women, if you could learn to embrace that black women, and you say excluded, wow, their are still places black can’t go and participate, are you watching the nightly news. God is love, we all can take a step to embrace and love one another.

        • Laura5757 says:

          As if women in general don’t have to work extra hard in school or work… what is the gain of excluding others based simply on their race? Isn’t that doing to others what you don’t want done to you? Who is competing? Women need to stop acting like they are constantly competing with each other and start lifting each other up to begin with.

          • In The Know says:

            You’re a hopeless case. You don’t get ir! Won’t get it! Don’t want to get it so, believe what you want # Black Girls Rock….we will continue to strengthen and encourage our own…just like everyone else does. It’s really very simple!

          • Laura5757 says:

            More power to you! I think you misunderstood my comments…I’m all for this movement and I think the author of the article stated it very well. What I am against is the purposeful exclusion of others based solely on race, which some of the other commentators seem to support. I have a distaste for such hypocrisy.

          • Lavern says:

            Since when? You are just another whiny, overprivileged little bitch who can’t stand to see that undeserved privilege threatened! Please there are countless organizations fronted by white women that ignore black women ALL THE DAMN TIME! Spare me the ‘inclusion’ bullshit.

          • Laura5757 says:

            The fact that you think white automatically means privileged is absolutely laughable, especially considering white account for a higher percentage of welfare recipients than blacks. Please name a white women organization that blatantly and aggressively excludes black women due solely based on their race… I’ll wait… Maybe if you were less angry and unnecessarily offensive, your points would be taken more seriously.

          • blackgirlsdorock says:

            Aggressive? When did #blackgirlsrock aggressively exclude anyone. You see that’s that racist mess. You just couldn’t help but call us aggressive when there was in fact no aggression. You hear black women and immediately associate it with aggression. You’re racisim just dismissed you’re entire comment.

          • Laura5757 says:

            Any woman calling another woman a “B*tch” for the simple reason that they slightly disagree with them is overly and unnecessarily aggressive. It’s your own insecurities you have to battle, not my faux racism.

          • peace65 says:


        • Laura5757 says:

          As if women in general don’t have to work extra hard in school or work… what is the gain of excluding others based simply on their race? Isn’t that doing to others what you don’t want done to you? Who is competing? Women need to stop acting like they are constantly competing with each other and start lifting each other up to begin with.

        • Laura5757 says:

          As if women in general don’t have to work extra hard in school or work… what is the gain of excluding others based simply on their race? Isn’t that doing to others what you don’t want done to you? Who is competing? Women need to stop acting like they are constantly competing with each other and start lifting each other up to begin with.

      • In The Know says:

        Well, the exclusion is already apparent and no one is sweating about it. Everyone is soooo over IT! That’s why # black girls rock exist in the first place. Black girls/women are generally being excluded and their accomplishments are being ignored. Or aren’t you aware of the reality of it all?

      • Shafiq says:

        We’re already excluded so no big deal. Have you watched the Oscars lately? Or how about Magazines, movies, TV, Job industry etc….? Every fucking thing in Amerikkka is about White people and White supremacy . Just because a couple of Black people are doing ok doesn’t mean shit. We have to come up with our own shit so we don’t have to always be complaining about not being represented in White peoples award shows, TV shows, work force etc…. We need to become more self reliant without having to include other races, just like every other race does. You don’t see Jews including blacks in their shit, you don’t see Chinese including Blacks in their shit, you don’t see Arabs including Blacks in their shit and, it’s not racist that they don’t, so why do Black people have to always include other races when it comes to us? Can we have one fucking thing ourselves! Damn!

        • Laura5757 says:

          Really? Because I know two Jewish black guys…so I’m not sure that’s true at all- maybe but I’ve seen all of those stereotypes you mention be broken. If you base the majority of white people’s attitudes on the Oscars or what you see on TV than I really don’t even know where to start with that… If you want to have your own things and awards than by all means have at it- I say go for it, but then just don’t complain that if you are excluded from mainstream award shows and the like.

    • Anne M. says:

      I don’t think their issue is with not being included in the Black Girls Rock celebration. I believe their issue is with the fact that the celebration exists rather than a “Girls Rock” event that includes the wonderful women of every color who have done great things. You’re right in saying Black girls have the right to celebrate and empower one another and nobody can take that away from them. To play devils advocate, how would you feel is there was an exclusively white girls celebration? Women as a whole are a minority group too and together, black and white women have had to fight for their rights. To be able to take a giant step towards ending racism, we should stop singling out minority groups and create events, celebrations and award ceremonies that celebrate us together as Americans rather than white- American, African American, Hispanic-American, Italian-American, etc. Beverly Bond had an amazing response to the hashtag and it is hard to fix ignorance and change the minds of ignorant people. We know what the problem is. We should work together to find a solution and achieve it.

      • MyJamaicanGal says:

        White girl celebration – let me see – yes, that happens like totally, every day! What is the solution – to not have an All Girls Rock celebration? That’s just like having the American Music Awards with a few token representatives of black culture. Until Mainstream America sees us in all of our bountiful beauty and contributions, we will continue to unite in purpose and positivity. To lash out and call the first lady names as if to do so diminishes her – she said it proudly because she represents the call for recognition. All women rock – yes but the reaffirmation that I rock – well it brings tears to my eyes because my standard of beauty is unique among my fellow black girls and I am celebrated for being.

      • Shafiq says:

        I disagree

      • Jay Crystal says:

        We have no need to CREATE a scenario in which “exclusively white girls rock”, in order to see how we would feel. It has been driven into us ever since we read “Once upon a time” and never saw ourselves in the “Happily ever afters”…

        • Noniki says:

          But those stories are old and things are changing. It would be absolutely unacceptable for any women’s celebration that allows white women to exclude women of color, so a lot of the white women who are offended by blackgirlsrock are just upset because there’s this slight undertone of “white women don’t deserve to be empowered anymore because their ancestors got ALL the empowerment and so white empowerment denotes privilege and racism and so don’t you even dare…”

          The page all those girls missed is that blackgirlsrock isn’t really about them, and that’s not a problem unless they make it a problem.

          Kind of like how so many of these comments are pretty blatantly stating that all white people are selfish, mentally ill, racist, or feel threatened by black empowerment.

          No. Whatever. You do you, I’m going to be over here doing me. If you wanna hang we can do us… nobody needs permission to feel good about themselves. Nobody needs my validation. Just don’t assume that because some people are being dicks, and my skin happens to be the same color, that I’m racist.

          Then again, I suppose if it was a NativeWomenRock or MexicanWomenRock or HawaiianWomenRock and neither white nor black girls were allowed to participate, I doubt anyone would have an issue.

      • Lavern says:

        Yeah they seem to have NO problem with things like LiltihFair and countless beauty pageants that celebrate them yet when black females do something it’s a call to arms

      • Maxine Shaw says:

        You HAD a White Girls Rock. It was called the Oscars.

  21. Elaine says:

    It is a disturbing embarrassment for such racism being said about persons of color, in particular our First Lady. The youth of today are growing up in a racist 1950s mentality that I never thought would exist as we enter the 2nd decade of this millineeum. How sad…We have the chance as mid-age adults to teach our children better and be an example of others to show respect to all people despite their race. I am sadden that we have regressed back to the mentality of people who have killed, lynched, and humiliated blacks like it’s common practice in today’s society. What kind of a country are we creating for our children and their children’s children. We should be ashamed of ourselves as human beings. Calling our First Lady “racist”, that can get you killed in some countries. Realize our freedom, our democracy and stop hating!!

  22. Kathy L Davis says:

    That Was An Awesome Mind Blowing Response To White Girls Rock! You’ve Been Served! Ignorance Is The Worst Kind Of Darkness.

  23. Dee says:

    #BlackGirlsRock all day long!

  24. Stephanie Mitchell Hedgepeth says:

    I also applaud Beverly Bond’s response. which is based on a social level. How about on a scientific level? For those who truly want to understand the importance of Black Girls Rock on this level should watch this PBS video on Stress. ( Around 43:00, one can extrapolate the importance of the movement. Of course the relevance will be lost on those whose sole purpose is to hate. Black Girls should rock!

  25. Yaa says:

    Brownsuga — Well said. It should also be added: just because for centuries certain people defined themselves as beautiful, intelligent and worthy of respect to the RANK, OPEN, VICIOUS exclusion of Black people does not mean we are doing the same thing when we assert that we are beautiful, intelligent, and worthy of respect. We are not out for revenge but enjoying the freedom to express truth about ourselves — White people who can’t stand that just don’t get that WE ARE NOT LIKE THEM in that our being up doesn’t mean everybody else has to be down. We are not the group of people in the world whose whole idea of self-worth is dependent on a false sense of supremacy — if our asserting our beauty and intelligence threatens someone else’s false sense of supremacy, then they need to CHECK THEMSELVES on the lies they believe, and move on into the 21st Century, where all of us can be respected together.

    • Cheryl Bynoe says:

      We are most definitely not like them. Well said Yaa…very good point.

    • Johnny says:

      “White people who can’t stand that just don’t get that WE ARE NOT LIKE
      THEM in that our being up doesn’t mean everybody else has to be down.”

      Blanket statement, that is horribly racist, shame on you. Also your reveal a MASSIVE ignorance on the topic at hand, what is actually the product of British Colonialism you blame every white person, as if merely being born white makes you inherit the crimes of your fathers.

      Just know that you are no better than the most ardent white supremacist and you should feel great shame for your ignorance.

      • peace65 says:

        Johnny, I hear you clearly. I also see that you are not hearing that Black Girls Rock is not about making whites feel guilty, rather it is to enforce in Black girls of their innate strenght and beauty. I don’tunderstand why you decide on dismissing that point, as result change the important conversation and growth that could be taken place between blacs and whites. Whites and Blacks need to a have a dialogue about the stuff you talked about that make each other feels a certain way, but it should not be done in that matter. We shouldn’t project our biases on the other.

  26. Kenya WriteNow says:

    this is what white privilege + apathy + ignorance looks like:

    people really think ending racism boils down to us holding hands and being friends (Common), but if any of these people talking actually picked up a book on racism, like… idk “Race Matter” or even looked up the definition of “systemic racism or white privilege” on Google (since I’m sure that is their modern day library), they wouldn’t be so quick to be enraged by the black women who are one of the MOST MARGINALIZED people in our society celebrating their greatness and beauty. I wonder were any of these people “disgusted” by police killing black boys like it’s a contest as they were by these so-called “reverse racists”? I would applaud programs that state Latinas Rock, Native American Women Rock, Iranian Women Rock, Chinese Women Rock, or any other OPPRESSED people rising up to celebrate themselves in societies/countries/worlds that would otherwise see them as less-than, unintelligent, “difficult”, non-traditionally beautiful or welfare queens. These idiots, who don’t get it, do not recognize that THEY ARE MAINSTREAM and they don’t have to hashtag white girls rock because media does that for them, so does the social structure that we live in.

    Bottom line, their insecurities are showing. WHAT IF, instead complaining that those, what, 90min? focused on celebrating beautiful black women and girls who succeed and shine IN SPITE of how we are told we won’t… what if those ignorant, insecure white girls STOOD WITH US, and said yes to sisterhood, to womanhood, to OUR success which is also THEIR success as women and to rising above oppression! Why can’t they understand that if we were already accepted, we wouldn’t need this national affirmation to remind ourselves of how truly awesome we are. But those women would rather applaud the Real Housewives of Atlanta Housewives, I’m sure… they’d rather see us dancing as booty-shakers for Miley Cyrus, or maybe crying on the news over our dead little black boys who were shot down by police.

    Well, black women fucking ROCK, deal with it! We will not fit into your narrow definition of who we are, nor will we bend to your insecurities or protests of publicly celebrating who we are.

    With that said, let me clearly state that I celebrate ALL women who Rock! And for that matter, MEN who Rock too!

    But insecure people (be they racist or not) who want to tear down others for their greatness can go Kick Rocks – ’cause they suck! Boo!


  27. BLACK woman that rocks👊👊👊👊 says:

    Say whatcha wanna, but once again & again & again & again & again, #BLACKGIRLSROCK#👊

  28. Ms G says:

    We can’t have nothing to ourselves without it being made to be racist, yet we have been excluded in everything. #BLACKGIRLSDOROCK!

  29. Hairdr On-Call says:

    #Black Girls Rock has taken the negative stereotype of the word “black” and flipped it to demonstrate and celebrate the positive impact many women have impressed on the world. Saying #Black Girls Rock is merely saying, “We love who God created us to Be!”

    • Johnny says:

      See the problem with this is that their is no such thing as racial diversity among humans, so really there is no such thing as “Black lives” or “Black Girls.” What you use to justify a belief in racial diversity (skin color) is just a very small sequence of genes that regulate the production if melanin in the skin, that are largely insignificant. But hey if you want to reduce yourself down to only your skin color then I feel sorry for you, and weep for your lack of education.

      • peace65 says:

        If you really meant that comment, then you would appreciate a group of people, who for generations has been berated for that “very small sequence of genes” –skin color, deciding to embrace their beings. Acknowledging the insignificant part of you, that which makes others punished or admonished you, is very significant to your being. Being aware of who you trully are shouldn’t reduce you in anyway, shape or form, it should energize you to find meaning. Often we told our Black friends that we don’t see them as Blacks, in doing so we failed to acknowledge them fully. We do that at the expense of not moving pass the wrong of slavery, not acknowledging a wrong has been done on our behalves,. Off course, we benefited from slavery; and are still in charge of passing and promoting laws that deminished Black lives. Stop raining on Black’s parade, stop changing the subject–perpetuating the denial.

  30. Mary Craft says:

    Stop explaining to White America why we, Black girls think we rock! White girls are told everyday tht they rock, but not once do they ask the question, why do we not see all cultures of women in the media and their contributions? And when we affirm and uplift ourselves and our Black girls white women want to complain! White ppl, please! Geesh!

  31. altha says:

    White people don’t want blacks to have nothing. Whites want everything to be in their favor if this was racism I would-call it OUT LOUD but it isn’t this is old fashion jealousy. It’s been said over and over again that 99.9% of white people are mentally ill just look at what they do and say on a daily basic what you think.?

    • Phtsh..right. says:

      Based on the fact that you think 99.9% of white people are mentally ill, I highly doubt you’d call anyone OUT LOUD in regards to racism against white people.

  32. CCCA says:

    -> ———>——->READ FULL ARTICLE <—– <—- <-


  33. Black coffee says:

    The real problem started with the First Lady I love and admire that woman but she should only represent us as a country

  34. TremV says:

    When Afrikan America’s take to a large social or Television screen here comes “Susie b right”. We are not celebrated daily on any media outlet as white Americans. We will continue to show that we are worthy of all the privileges as any other human being that grade es this land. White America started this segregation and now they have a problem with the race of people that knows their worth! #BlackGirlsRock #Allshadesofcolorock continue to move forward BB. Last but not least attacking FLOTUS is old!

  35. Tawny says:

    Let the unhappy people say whatever they want to say–they can’t change the fact that I am a black girl and I rock. We should have our girls use this as an affirmation of themselves all the time. “I am a black girl and I rock”

  36. Maxwell Maxwell says:

    If there was EQUALITY racial, gender and otherwise across the board the #BLACKGIRLSROCK effort would NOT be necessary. With “WHITE PRIVILEGE” there is NO need to single out white girls/women it is INGRAINED and AUTOMATIC! Once we learn , truly learn what, how, the origin of racism then maybe we will understand and NOT feel compelled to even respond to ignorance

    • Johnny says:

      The problem with your entire statement is that is carries with it the assumption that “White Privilege” is something that all white people are guilty of simply for the crime of being born white.

      • Cee says:

        White privilege is indeed something that ALL white people benefit from…there is no “guilty/not guilty.”

      • Maxwell Maxwell says:

        White Privilege is something ALL white people benefit from intentionally or unintentionally, knowingly or unknowingly. AN uneducated white man/woman with a criminal background is more than likely to be offered a job before an educated black man is offered a job or hired. There have been studies, it is a fact. IT is “White PRIVILEGE!!! It is ever available if a white person does not use it , then the powers use it on their behalf. You want to argue there is NO “White Privilege” when arrogant white 1% acknowledge it, as well as blue/white collar.

      • peace65 says:

        How is saying Black girls rock, a punishment for White folks. Many whites people know the White priviledge, they are aware that being White in America alloted them a pass of being hired for any position, being White is protection from getting kill by Cops, or put to jail, evoiding racial profilling. While being Black, rich or poor is a burden ,being White rich or poor is a priviledge. The race priviledge has nothing to do with being educated or wealthy, it has to do with being recognized as superior, because of the color of one’s skin.

  37. sophia says:

    Black girls haven’t rocked shit, except the stability of the black community. We need a BLACK MEN ROCK!

  38. frances says:

    The folks objecting to #Blackgirlsrock are either oblivious or uncaring about the way that this society places so little value on black girls and women. They fail to take into account that white feminine beauty is extolled every day, in every way. They have a zero-sum mentality which views uplifting of black folks as a means of downgrading white folks, which could not be farther from the truth. From their seats of white privilege, they insist on entirely missing the point.

  39. Meganjerai says:

    Sadly, I saw more black men against #blackgirlsrock -_- . But they were okay with #blacklivesmatter though.

  40. blackertheberry says:

    In the words of Bob Marley “Emancipate your self from mental slavery , none but ourselves can free our minds” We were made to feel inferior growing up because of our skin color while our fore- parents were raped, murdered , beaten and live less than any humans on the planet for a long time but, they perceiver cause they knew the day was gonna come when their younger generation was going to pick that baton up and keep it moving. So codos to all the BLACK GIRLS out there who time and time again inspire me to believe in myself as a black girl. And to say the First Lady is inappropriate why because she knows how to enjoy life and have fun?Y’all need to stop hating I bet if she was white doing what she’s doing it would be ok. #blackgirlsrock #getoffourbacks #getalifehaters

  41. peterpopoff says:

    Smh everytime there’s a black- something, some people are so quick to cry “racism ” . I wonder how these people would feel if 85% of every print ad,tv commercial, billboard, tv show and movie featured white girls for like 50 years straight. From now on ,to avoid “hurt feelings” I guess they should include the word “too” at the end.

  42. TruthBTold says:

    As a black man…I understand what she’s saying to a certain extent but I still don’t see why it’s so necessary for them to call it “Black Girls Rock”. They just go all out of the way to make themselves feel better I guess…and its annoying. I can see why women of other races react to black women in that way.

    • Tanesa H says:

      It sounds like you have a problem with sistahs uplifting each other. And with a statement like this you just prove why we have a problem within our culture. I guess it wasn’t enough that white men physically and emotionally raped your queens but to have a king talk about us with without love makes me wonder what woman hurt you to make you feel this way. Educate yourself king, we need you! Peace and Blessings!!!!!

    • Huh What says:

      If you don’t understand why we need black girls rock then you really need to pay attention to what’s going on in society. People are quick to throw a reality show on tv with sisters cursing, arguing, and fighting each other, but it’s a rare occasion to see sisters being viewed in a positive light. Those of us who are out here teaching, helping our communities, and uplifting our men. That’s what younger girls need to see so that they’re only example on tv isn’t drama and foolishness, but good works. Now when our black men are being attacked and shot down by the police sisters have come out in droves to protest against it ad defend our sons and men, but black women can’t even have a lil award show. You’d think our men would be more supportive of us and it’s pitiful that they don’t back us up the way we back them up. Smh

      • Tanesa H says:

        I so agree! But this is our nature, we as queens are of the earth! We cultivate, we nuture, and we produce. We make the roots strong for the tree to stand. People are scare of our power and they should be.

    • blackgirlsdorock says:

      “They just go all out of the way to make themselves feel better I guess…and its annoying. ”

      You must be a riot at Birthday parties…

      Since when has it ever. .. no, wait, I’m sorry, scratch that.
      It will NEVER be wrong to go out of your way to make yourself feel better, what in fact is actually wrong with you?
      You sound like someone suffering with depression, I’m almost a bit worried about you.

      If you have no real reason to be against this then just say that, it’s okay, perhaps this is the day you discover that you’re a bit of a racist, and that’s fine, but don’t just say anything, you sound crazy.

  43. black _developer says:

    I dont fuck with #blackgirlsrock -= I been sayin’ that shit is stupid – We can’t ask to be equal and do shit like this at the same time.

  44. anonymous says:

    How about #girlsrock? Maybe, just maybe, all racism could be avoided if people were referred to as, well, people… Without a color description. Embracing heritage and color clarification are quite different.

  45. Valerie Sheppard says:

    It’s so sad that when one person or collective affirms and celebrates itself, others find a way to make it about taking something away from them. My exclaiming yay for me doesn’t mean I’m saying nay to you. As a 50-something Black woman who’s lifetime has been experienced as generally “the only” Black woman doing something or other, #BlackGirlsRock is not only affirmative and celebratory, but inclusive in a way that I don’t often get to feel.

    Separately, and perhaps more important, is my desire that Black, White, or otherwise, we collectively learn to place more emphasis on a higher identity – that of Divine Being – that unites us all. When we spend more time nurturing and growing our connection to our Higher Consciousness, through which we embrace and immerse ourselves in the spiritual principles of Oneness and Unconditional Love, we will truly stop having to defend a desire to acknowledge our magnificence no matter who we are or what we look like. We’ll be “Living Happy to Be ME!” in peace and harmony with everyone else. And peace will go from a geopolitical conversation to a deeply personal and spiritual one.

  46. Maxine Shaw says:

    So interesting that the people who are claoming that BGR is racist are the ones who have the most racist crap to say. Just admit that you hate the idea of black women feeling good about themselves and drive on.

  47. grace says:

    No other first lady would have done this in solidarity for her race. The most celebrated singers today are black, the richest woman in America is black. Magazines are full of black models and have been for decades. Enough already with this faux NEED to raise the consciousness and self worth of only black women with such reverse racism. P-L-E-A-S-E cut the nonsense.

    • GhostofSeamus says:

      How in the world is it “reverse racism?” It is “Black Girls Rock!” not “Non-Black Girls Suck.” Please help us understand your problem with that.

  48. KJ Russ says:

    Classy response.

  49. Sher says:

    Some people are just jealous about every damn thing. This society get’s on my last nerve with all of this twisted shit. Damn!

  50. Lisa says:


  51. Pillarof Strength says:

    #BlackGirlsRock and I make no apologies to Whites nor do I need their valuation of who I am as a Black woman. For Centuries, White Supremacists have affirmed White Women’s beauty (even when some are not beautiful) and in the process, deliberately put down Black WOMEN. Never mind that they didn’t have a problem raping our people whom they enslaved. They have a scale of who is beautiful and who is not. White women is at the top of that scale, according to Whites whilst Black women are the bottom of the scale. White people are blind to their White privilege and it’s high time we stop giving attention to these enemies of progress and joy! By the way, if White Women are so beautiful, why the need for butt implants, cheek implants, lips implants, skin tanning – those are the natural features of the AFRICAN WOMAN! Now, affirm to yourselves #BLACKGIRLSROCK AND TO HELL WITH HATEFUL WHITES.

  52. hunterr says:

    Italian and Irish immigrants and Asian immigrants all faced prejudice just as much as blacks when they came into this country in the 1850’s and 1900’s. To say that my great grandafather. Didn’t work hard is an understatement a. More importantly, my great grandparents or grandparents did not have work less hard than “black” people, to think that is based off an erroneous way of thinking. No one in my family eent to college, I am the first generation along with my brothers and cousins to attend college as well. So please stop with the black people don’t get enough recognition. Ita may be true to an extent, but you know how you changeha? Invent build and innovate, and you will be recognized. Beyoncé is the biggest pop star of all time, Obama is the most famous politician, milk was the most famous pastor in history, all black, and did they start an awards ceremony to affirm this? No they simply attained massive fame or stardom based off their hard work and determination, people need to start thinking more like booker t washington and less like Khalid Muhammad.

    • peace65 says:

      Are you saying that Italian, Irish and Asian immigrants faced prejudice today? or they too were pesecuted when they newly immigrated this country? If you know about anything you should know all these people came here on their free will and was able to maintain a livelyhood. While Blacks who brought here against their will, before these other immigrants you mentioned. They were forced to endure life without freedom, harsh condition and unpaid labor and now are considered second class citizen, as when Blacks decided that their strenght and ability to overcome centuries of struggles, made them rock; uneducated folks think that they have the right to undermind them today. Unless you prove these other immigrants were slave , that’s insulting and racist to suggest these people were treated the same as Blacks, assuming other immigrants worked as hard as working for free in the cotton field in chains. all immigrants are treated better than Blacks who are American natives, I remember the republicans wanted to ammend the constitution so that Arnold Schwarzeneger could run for the presidency. Years later, the same group wanted to disqualified the natural born Barack Obama in the basis is not American.

  53. hunterr says:

    And every American knows who Ida b wells, Harriet Tubman, and rosa parks where. Not many kids know who Nina Simone is, but most kids nowadays do at know who the Beatles is, it’s not a black history or white history thing, it’s a history thing. Kendrick Lamar said it best: fuck your ethnicity. Seriously. Race is an ignorant concept, a fairly new one for the most part.

  54. Court says:

    I honestly just wish we could see it as ALL girls rock…Im from a very small town in Kentucky and have taught my children to respect women no matter the size, shape, color,or age.

  55. 2Tall says:

    This is no surprise. This is just systematic white supremacy at work. It’s an institution (definitely NOT all of our white brothers and sisters in the “Human Race”) will continue to rape pillage and degrade melanoid people until 1 of 3 things dismantle it: 1. God 2. Money/Equity 3. Blood Shed. There is no negotiating with “it”, the people that benefit from it or those who are endocrinated by it, etc. the system just does its job. More importantly though, black women did there “job” by creating this. I love black women and hope this continues

  56. Bia Bia says:

    I am so grateful that she responded. Celebration and affirmation of our accomplishments as a people should never be viewed as racism simply because it comes from other people of color which is what’s being implied. I doubt that if a white man had created Black Girls Rock, there would be this much “offense”. I have gone natural several months ago and have received an amazing amount of compliments from white men and nothing but negative remarks from black men (so far) and i truly believe it is because of a self loathing that is constantly perpetuated in our community by NOT affirming each other. This is a wall that I believe “Black Girls Rock” is helping to knock down,

  57. Jacquelyn Moore Payne says:

    People who make a comment that BGR or our FLOTUS or any other entity
    which involves people of any color is therefore racist probably has
    racial issues themselves. Its unfortunate people can not understand
    that this is a positive movement to empower our your black girls in a
    world where they are viewed as negative. More programs like this are
    needed and they are not designed to be negative towards other races it
    is just to bond people who have similar cultural issues. There are
    certain topics I can chat with all of my sisters and there are certain
    topics I like to have with my black sisters that I can’t with my white
    sisters. (Today I posted on my FB wall a topic about Black Love Movies)
    All races rock but when you have a country that everything was
    basically designed for one race and now that is changing there will
    always be this type of dialogue and it is more fear than anger. So YES
    #whitegirlsrock too as Beverly said. Maybe if in 1619 Black Americans,
    (Indians, Hispanics, Asians etc) came to this
    country and were viewed as equal there would not be this discussion.
    #BlackGirlsRock #WhiteGirlsRock #AllGirlsRock (So does that make it
    sexist?? lol) Have a cup of coffee and have an AMAZING day and chill!!
    It’s not that deep!

  58. NaturallyMade says:

    It’s funny how white ppl only cry foul when black ppl try to assert themselves. When you’re the majority, you fail to care or connect with the feelings of the minority.
    All those who say that Black Girls Rock is furthering the racial dissonance & crying out for White Girls Rock are those who are just looking at it from a racial standpoint instead of the overall picture. If my blackness offends you that much (sorry but not sorry) then why don’t one of the white counterparts create All Girls Rock & make sure the audience as well as the award recognitions are as colorful as a bag of Skittles!

    • Ashley says:

      I agree. However, as woman we all do need to build each other up because like blacks have never had true equality, neither have woman of all races. I don’t think that the movement is wrong or reverse racism or any of that bs. But as a white woman please please understand that woman of all nationalities need the same love and support, these woman may not express it the right way but I’m telling you it’s just a cry for help, wishing that we had the same empowerment and support.

  59. Kristen says:

    Can we have anything? If we don’t build each other up who will? There is NOT a fair and unbiased representation of black women or girls on television or anywhere in the media or advertisement. This was not a racist gesture. And what the heck is reverse racism? Racism is racism no matter what direction it comes from. Funny how no one makes a stink about the fact that almost every commercial selling beauty products is of a white female. Make some noise about that too! Wow..can you say hypocrisy?? Smdh…

  60. gufest says:

    We know who really rocks….Right….#Minorities…..#Yeah

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  62. Ashley says:

    I think it’s great that black woman are empowering one another. However, I do need to say this… personally I feel that white privilege is not what it’s been depicted as all these years. We are a new generation and the truth is that it’s not a black and white world anymore it’s more less rich and poor. Do I agree racism exist? Yes, but it’s existant I’m all nationalities. And at this point in history all woman need to be empowered because although we gained gender equality, woman will never have true equality just as many would say for the black community as a whole. I understand the concept of building ur own people up but as a woman we all need the same support that yall receive from one another.
    #Woman’s Work
    #Woman Rock Together

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