NBA Decoded: Have Black Athletes Killed the White All-Star?

As the NBA becomes dominated by African American and international players, White ball players are left on the bench

(Image: ThinkStock)

As the Final Four draws closer and NBA teams look to solidify playoff positioning with the same scrappiness their younger counterparts use to cut down the nets with, it’s clear that the game of basketball is alive and well despite pay to play scandals and “super teams.” As the game has grown into a global phenomenon – aided by players like Yao Ming, Dirk Nowitzki, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili, Serge Ibaka and Andrew Bogut, the game’s reach has transcended domestic urban playgrounds and barns where rickety hoops cling to a bent, 10-foot existences. In total, over 38 different countries and territories are represented in the NBA. The game is safe. The sport is growing. Yet, as this growth continues to occur, one particular demographic continues to shrink. What has happened to the White, American basketball players of yesteryear who took on superstar status as opposed to super-sub stat lines?

Simply put. They’re gone. According to research done by ESPN’s Outside the Lines back in 2009, 71.9% of NBA players are African American, 18.3% are international and 9.9% are White Americans—meaning there is an average of one per team—with Memphis, Detroit, Los Angeles (Clippers) and Washington having zero. Of those other 26 teams, the Los Angeles Lakers, Milwaukee Bucks and Minnesota Timberwolves are the only franchises that carry more than two White American players on their current roster. Aside from Kevin Love and David Lee, that crop of players that makes up that nearly 10 percent is hardly considered to be at the elite level. Consider this: until Kevin Love came in the league there hadn’t been a White American NBA All-Star since Brad Miller in 2004. You’d have to go all the way back to John Stockton in 1997 to find a starter.

It seems that the 60’s-early 90’s produced the “great White hopes,” while 2000 and beyond has produced the “10 day contract nopes.” The rules of basketball have hardly changed since James Naismith picked up that peach basket in Springfield, Massachusetts. The collegiate landscape offers up plenty of white, American stars. Then what gives? Why aren’t these same collegiate court savants becoming stars? There are 312 college basketball teams at the Division 1 level comprised of 4,000 players—sifted and chewed threw from a high school class every year boasting more than 540,000 aspiring MJ’s, LeBron’s and Kobe’s. According to College Times, these athletes then have a 24,550-1 odds of ever going pro—while chances of being struck by lightning in one’s lifetime is 10,000-1. The only luck involved in making the pros involves harnessing ability and steering clear of devastating injury.

It’s clear that White, American players are progressing through the high school and collegiate ranks—perpetually finding homes at top tier programs like Kansas, Duke and UNC on a yearly basis. Names in the past like Laettner, Redick, Morrison and most recently Fredette all were perennial All-Americans who excelled collegiately and joined the pro ranks with limited to average impact. In fact, the entire All-American team since the early 90’s is riddled with White American players who never entered the star designation in the pros (Montross, Reeves, Van Horn, LaFrentz, Szczerbiak, Murphy, Dickau, Collison Hansbrough). You’d have to go as far back as 1985 with Mark Price to find a collegiate player besides John Stockton who came to the pros and made multiple All-Star teams. While these players all find eight-plus year careers in the league, it’s as “specialists” not stars. The NBA still looks for role players—they just want athleticism as the skill-set over spot up shooters and big boned, corn fed seven-footers who will give a team six fouls a night.

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  • scotto

    what about that white guy who played for the Suns? Doesnt he count? Heres trivia: name the last year an NBA All-Star team was all white. I can’t either

    • rick

      blake griffin its white.. I mean he’s skin its white so.. he’s white

    • rick

      and steve nash is canadian so he’s international

  • Yo

    That White guy for the Duns is Canadian, Scotto

  • Eric

    Kevin Love, David Lee?

  • JA

    It’s many things that make black athletes dominate in several sports these days, but there is no denying the sports or positions in sports where quickness and speed are required for the highest level of play blacks usually have much greater numbers. There are many physical differences beyond just skin color from race to race, such as eyes, the nose, lips, voice. It is not a stretch, nor is it in any way racist to speculate the may be a difference in the fast twitch muscles in the black race.

    • TH

      In a world of political correctness, we can’t tell it like it is. “Jimmy the Greek”, told it as it was years ago, and it ruined his life. Blacks were brought here as slaves, they were breed as if they were farm animals, Big strong male with good teeth and a big hipped strong woman. What we have now is there descendants. We are making millionaires out of children of the welfare system. We waste college scholarships on kids that have no interest in getting an education. All they hope to attain is a set of gold teeth, gold chain, body piercings, and a fat ass white woman and a Crib. We whites idolize the baggy pants, hip hop thugs. We pay them welfare to have child after child that they can’t afford to raise. They have no respect for anyone or anything. These poor children are left with no hope of getting out of the ghetto. In sports, as in business, there should be percentages based on the population numbers. Yes there is a difference in the races. Whites are just farther removed from evolution than negro’s.

      • EducBlkMan

        I would not call you an idiot for saying that ‘WE’ pay them welfare to have a child but clearly, you have no sense of reality. ‘IF’ and say this assuming you have a brain to do the research but ‘WE-Black people’ do not dominate the welfare system. But maybe you consume too much tv to realize who and why the wefare system was based upon. Do your research and you will see why the system was set-up and what majority of people benefit from it. Well like they say, if the shoe fits, stick it in your dumb mouth!

      • Jorge

        The problem with that approach is that everywhere in the entire world, with not a single exception, whites are physically taller and usually substantially so, and physically stronger, and usually substantially so.

        Blacks are, on average, shorter, physically weaker, with more speed and better reflexes.

  • Joe

    Kyle Korver may not be a star, but I think he’s one of the best role players in the league. He’s a pure shooter and made HUGE improvements on D this year.

    Hot Sauce is no D Rose, but I’d take him over David Lee any day. When you think about it…besides the rings(a few more years with the Bulls & he’ll get them)whats the difference between his game and Ray Allan’s?

    • Anthek91

       wait, are you asking what the difference is between Kyle Korver and Ray Allen?  I mean you may be right about their games being similar now that Ray Allen is 37 years old, but don’t ever make that comparison again.  Why don’t you go back and watch some old school Ray, back when everyone thought he was going to be the next Jordan.  This is so sad…Kyle Korver…smh…


    This article is very deceptive. That is why it only gives you one set number of Black players vs. Non-Black p,ayers…versus…telling you the truth that the amount of Black players has decreased every year, I repeat, every year since The DStern Whitewashing Effort motivated by the Pistons Pacers brawl.

    It’s that incident which served as the explosion for the small spark, already kindled, in terms of the NBA moving away from it’s 30-year inner-city ghetto theme for p,ayers…and start catering to the Pop Cultured, Suburbia theme for catering to *slower, lesser athletic* players as the new Image.

    Enter then, those elements which cater to Suburbia’s *Slower, Lesser-athletic* players excelling on the NBA:

    -zone defenses
    -no more killa’crossover dribble allowed
    -texture of the ball changed, to favor jump-shooters
    -Steve Nash being awarded Shawn Marion’s MVP-Award one year, then Kobe’s, in the following year
    -increased technical fouls called on ‘aggressive players’
    -increased technical fouls for taunting or “facials” that are apart of playing an emotional sport
    -barring high-schoolers to jump to the NBA, was perhaps the most blatantly racist move
    -barring hip-hop attire while players are traveling on official NBA biz
    -allowing of excessive ‘flopping’ as a means of playing legitimate defense.

    So White players, really have no excuse, as the rules have been putridly-tilted to favor their success.

    • Kevin

      This is the best statement ever … It’s amazing how they have altered the game for these non-athletic white people to keep up with the elite phyical and athleticly gifted blacks. I wonder if thats why more and more white woman are turning trash-canning these white guys for a bigger,stonger, real man.

      • Jerome

        Talk about racist? Less than .5% of black males play professional sports. Maybe the real problem is thinking like you. Black men treat their own women like crap. Prefer white women. If black is so superior why wouldn’t you want to keep it that way? Black children have no hope or promise hearing stuff like you say Kevin. I could argue that white people actually work, and are 5000 times smarter than black people. You all are so angry and white people. You are a loser. Get back to your video games and weed. That is what you should be angry about.

        • “Black men treat their own women like crap. Prefer white women”  American society holds up white women as the “standard” regarding beauty. Yet white males feel intimidated by a smart white women. Space limitations preclude going into all the stereotypes but there was that “dumb blond” monicker which tended to stick like glue. Some white males want to be old school like their daddies. That means they prefer their women at home, barefoot and pregnant. When she has been thrown up in your face via magazine ads and covers plus television commercials as one is reaching puberty  who wouldn’t want a “trophy white woman”?  Then I see males like Quincy Jones, Lou Rawls, Sidney Portier and others in the company of white women, some subtle and not so subtle messages are being sent.

    • mt mike

      Julio , I admre a lot of athletes no matter their racial background.

      You seem to have some anger issues , and very little comprehension of reality.So pimping your ladies gets us where, nice try, I think you are phucked here homie,but carry on.

    • mike

      Yep, an there’s about 2 people in the NBA that can make an uncontested jump shot. An there is no defense in the NBA now, did you ever watch a series in the 80’s – early 90’s


    p,ayers = players

    ….forgive all typ-0’s….


  • charles bukowski

    Has the white intellect killed the
    black nobel prize winners?

  • Dan

    For the NBA to shed its racist image team makeup should be 89%white, 10% black and 1% Asian.

  • Janet Carney

    Oh well. I can’t stand basketball. I love football & hockey. And the black athletes sure haven’t killed the White All Stars in hockey. One other thing. I find this story RACIST. If there would have been a black guy sitting on that bench & the title would have read the other way around you can bet Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson & the rest of the black racists would having a fit & marching in the streets. And why is it the blacks get a paper named “BlackEnterprise??? Sounds racist to me. And they all love to say that us “WHITE PEOPLE ARE BIG RACISTS”. That’s a big laugh for all of us down South. Because we all know they are the “BIGGEST RACISTS OF ALL”. They think white people owe them. WRONG!!!!! I don’t them or anyone else NOTHING. Now get that white boy off the bench by himself or put another boy right beside him before we get mad and file a lawsuit for discrimination against the Black Enterprise.

    • Kevin

      Shut-up cry baby … if not for the black man, this country would have been taken from these white man a long time ago. They are just a weaker breed of human. The women wear the pants in their house. And that’s not being racist, it’s just the truth. That is why over 85% of white men are gay or bisexual.

      • DeSean

        Yes the white man in general isn’t as fast as the black man. Neither is he as fast as the cheetah.

        And yes the women have a say in the white household. The black woman can’t have a say because the black man isn’t in the house. He ran out and left her after he impregnated her.

        • “And yes the women have a say in the white household”. They have a say regarding pre-nup, who could ever forget when this first emerged? Oh yeah that actor the late Lee Marvin and his live-in lover. You say the black man isn’t in the house, he ran out after impregnating the black woman. What goes in the white household? Well the white husband gets the
           ” seven-year itch” and he seeks a mistress(white man’s version of the “other woman”) or he ditches his wife altogether due to the crow’s feet under her eyes and her stretch marks for a younger woman. What generally happens to the children in the white household? Divided loyalities between mom and dad while simultaneously having to suck it all up and hope to grow up to become normal human beings.

      • bhornet

        Black guys don’t wear pants, they ride down there hips exposing there underwear. Actually the black man has no say in the house, usually he is not even home!!!

        • “Black guys don’t wear pants’ really now. How many black guys have you seen on the street just wearing boxer shorts? They wear sagging pants. This attire reflects a subculture which is appropriate for another forum. At least they wear colored underwear.

      • Jerome

        Your racist. Your black president is what may lose this country. He is the worse president this country has ever had. And the reason black men are the only minority in this country not to be sucessful is because they use white men as a crunch to make excuses. All of us were treated like crap when we came to America. Italians, Irish, Catholics, blacks. Except for blacks everyone else has overcome and adapted. Your focus on the physical attributes only is holding you back from your potential.

        • “All of us were treated like crap when we came to America. Italians, Irish, Catholics, blacks.” How many Italians, Irish and Catholics were lynched? No hands went up, uh-huh, I thought so. Oh, the lynching of Leo Frank (Jewish) for supposedly killing that white girl in Georgia must have been a fluke. Let”s see, the klu klux klan weren’t too wild about Catholics, yet they didn’t terrorize them to the degree that they terrorized blacks. The Irish kept their last names (i.e. O’Malley, O’Brien) the Italians and the Jews changed their last names to Anglo-Saxon ones to downplay their backgrounds. Unlike the black, their skin tones were similiar to the White Anglo-Saxon Protestant so they had no trouble being assimiliated into the American mainstream.

      • Jerome

        You mean like Michael Jackson? He was black, gay, and liked to touch little boys. And what is the first thing he did with all those millions of dollars? Tried to be white. But we rejected that fool.

      • TH

        Black women don’t wear the pants because they are on there backs getting breed by there bratha’s or cousins. They are all related. They don’t have any idea who there fatha is because he left after he dumped a load. LeBron James don’t know his fatha as many don’t. I have black freinds who are good upstanding citizens, but most are cut throat thugs, out for a free anything. I would like to give them one more free thing, that be a bone in their nose, a stick, loin cloth and a one way ticket to africa. Let them hunt for their food rather than have it handed to them. 

    • Vanessa R

      It starts from birth. In the NICU they call them “wimpy white boys” because they take longer to get well. Ask any neonatal nurse

      • bhornet

        If this article was written by a white guy talking about how blacks still fail academically to both Asians and whites generation after generation and made the claim that the “black brain” is inferior and obsolete it would be headline news. And no, I am not white.

    • The Clarifier

      Let me get something straight. White Racism is no where near equivalent to Black racism. However I do not condone for Blacks to be racist but when you get it down to brass tacks? What else can a person do whose race has been destroyed, colonized and dismembered by another? It’s only sensible and understandable that some Blacks are racist but you won’t find Blacks lynching another because of racial superiority. Get your mind right and stop being a dumb ass

      • Jerome

        So what you are saying is…all the african americans in this country would be better off if it wasn’t for slavery? Slavery was a horrible start and terribly wrong…but come on??? Look at what is going on in Africa? What black people are doing to each other in Africa is worse. Its called genocide for a reason. The problem is you don’t want fair, you want more than fair. Tyler Perry makes an illegal U-turn, gets a ticket and now its racist. Guess what, if you break a traffic law you risk getting pulled over no matter what color you are.

    •  For your information, Black Enterprise is a magazine not a paper. White people have Fortune magazine whose focus is business and rarely if ever featured any minorities. If appearances can be deceiving sounds can be deceiving too. What might sound racist to one doesn’t necessarily make it racist. Then again racism might be like beauty, it’s all in the eye of the beholder.

  • Jim

    “The rules of basketball have hardly changed since James Naismith picked up that peach basket in Springfield, Massachusetts.” ????? Been a long time since I saw a center jump after EACH and EVERY basket. Been quite a while since dribbling was not allowed, and one could only advance the ball via the pass. The original game was much different, geared for pleasant exercise for 40+ year-olds. All of the ensuing rule changes favored atletisicm. I am not complaining, mind you…. but watching golf on TV was would be more interesting than watching basketball in its earliest days.

    • EJ

      The answer is somewhat simple: white Americans aren’t playing the sport as much and definitely without the same mentality to succeed. I lived in a mostly white neighborhood and who played on the hoop court? I was the only white dude most of the time. That was 25 years ago.Now with the X games etc…there are even less. Also, white ballers typically play nice, play for fun. The brothers seemed to play as if a test of manhood.

  • James R

    I suppose you could call this article racist. On the other hand who can doubt that in many major sports the black American athletes predominate. And they predominate because they are better athletes who are more physically adapted to the sport. On the other hand, look at the various special forces in the United States military and you will find the opposite. The white soldiers predominate–and that is because they are better physically adapted to their specific tasks. Kinda makes it all come out even, don’t ya think?

  • julio limbaugh

    white boy don’t need to worry. so what if they don’t have a another larry bird type. white boy have hockey, they have prowrassling, they have baseball. and grand+daddy of the all mixed martial art from UFC. don’t you love those white boy fromMMA trying to beat each other for minim wages white their boss KRONE DOME dana white makes millions of dollar a year. and don’t forget we have a few white boys from duke and UNC playing around somewhere in the NBA.

  • Marvin Lamarshe

    This is totally stupid and so untrue. Yes, we know the majority of the NBA players are black but what the writer failed to mention are the current white All-star in the NBA, for example, Dirk Nowitzki, paul Gosol, Mark Gasol, Manu Ginobili and Andrew Bogut. Yes, these two players are from Europe and so as the white Americans. These European players are white. No disrespect but the writer lacks knowledge and clearly doesn’t know history. Next time you try to write about such thing, please have your information double checked. I am black n proud of my brother doing big in the NBA but hey be honest man.

  • kj

    Well. lets face it, the nba is no longer about athleticism. it’s focus is merchandising. David Stern refers to the nba as a product it’ players are parts to the machine of the product. Micheal Jordan change the landsscape and made it about money. the honor of the game left during the magic johnson/larry bird era. When you say international, you need to be specific. any international player from europe is Caucasian. Black players in the nba are mainly “farmed” The Nba is about making money now. They need entertaining players. lets take for example The heat or the lakers, they are considered entertaining but they are not about basketball fundamentals. lets look at The spurs, the most boring team on earth but they play to the fundamentals and win.
    They say-offense sells tickets and defense wins games. owners and nba, want money, remember the strike? one of the complaints was why should talented athletes (mostly black) be allowed to join one organization and pass up the lesser ball clubs. black players are farmed for this purpose. is it about race? mostly yes. i respect any good player no matter the color. it is not the players fault.Hell, they jus wanna get paid. we should look at the league who shapes the color dynamic of the Teams.

    • “The Nba is about making money now. They need entertaining players.”  If it’s entertainment they want, couldn’t they just get the Harlem Globetrotters?


    My alltime team that I would want to coach is made up of the following players: Bill Russell at center with Michael Jordan and Jerry West at the guard spots because this would give this team the very best start defensive postion you could ever start with and Larry Bird and Magic Johnson at the two forward spots with O. Robinson the first off the bench.
    This would make a great defensive team and with Jerry n Michael, Bird n Magic plenty of offense and fast break ability also. You might say that Bird n Magic are not great defensive players but I would conter with this point that they would use the Russell threat to attack n steal balls from whomever they were guarding enough to disrupt the other team. Plus all of these guys could rebound if Russ would ever need any help in that area.

  • windows 8

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  • countess214

    There would be no need for a Black Enterprise magazine or perhaps anything else specifying “Black” if everthing was even across the board with all races as it relates to them being in the magazine. Prior to Black magazines, we could not find anything pertaining to Blacks and the Black culture in any magazine. When races of people are excluded from anything, they create their own for their own people. Franlky, I enjoy reading any magazine that is cultural sound (ie. Asian. Hispanic, Mexican, etc). This is common sense, so why question why other races create their own. It’s simple. Everybody is somebody, and this is validated when one can see positive images of themselves. Heck, there was a time a short while ago when in Hollywood, the few Blacks you did see in a movie was a slave or maid. In more recent years, a criminal, or thug. Any Indian (Native American) or Mexican was portrayed as a drunk or thief. Any senior citizen, was being hit, falling, (particularly in commercials) beaten and made fun of. Things aren’t too much better today.

    As far as Black NBA players are concerned; it is no wonder they are superior in this sport. It is one of a few that young blacks can get involved in at a early age. Most grow up playing in their back yards, or at the city courts etc. It’s free, doesn’t cost them anything. They play from sun up to sun down, and develop their skills early on. Some may not able to invest in sports that require large sums of money, are not readily available to them or sports they may not have much of a interest in (i.e., swimming, skiing, golf, gymnastics, baseball, tennis). If other sports were as readily available, and blacks developed in those areas, more would be dominate in some of these sports as well

  • countess214

    Oh, And by the way, Have whites killed golf, tennis, swimming, baseball, NASCAR and some of these other sports that are dominated by whites?

  • timothyp16

    The alpha white males go into law, medicine, and business. The alpha black males go into sports, particularly basketball and football. And with a one in tens of thousands chances of making the pros, the white males’ choices seem pretty logical.

  • whiteguy

    What’s it matter that more blacks are playing in the NBA? It’s more entertaining to watch when the best athletes are playing rather than Adam Morrison being pathetic. If you’re talented enough to play sports at a professional level go for it. If not, do something else. No reason to be bitter about it.


    Blake Griffin. #1 pick. All-Star. Putting up huge numbers while CP does a disappearing act. MLK would be sad to read what passes to thought here. This entire magazine is a form of self imposed segregation; a relic of racism in America.

  • Lenora

    The writer of the article may know more about literary prose and demographic statistics that he does about the NBA game. A few points:

    1. This article seems a few years behind the times. The author’s next article: “MC Hammer isn’t as cool as we once thought.”
    2. He says the PG position has changed. He says playing defense is critical. He says college white guys don’t translate. He never mentions STEVE NASH, even though he lists 10 – 15 other foreign players. Nash doesn’t play D. He is white. He is a PG. And he went to American college.
    3. He called John Havlicek a PASS-FIRST POINT GUARD. Havlicek played forward/guard. He averaged about 20 shots per game… and less than 5 assists. Apparently, the writer thinks Kobe Bryant is a PG, too.
    4. He claims there hasn’t been a white American who’s made multiple All Star Games since Mark Price and John Stockton. Apparently, he forgot about Kevin Love… one of the game’s fastest rising players in popularity… and a white guy. To make it worse… Love played in his 2nd ASG a mere two days before this article was initially published. “Damn it… I have this article that I wrote for my senior thesis… and I’m sticking with it!”

  • mickey

    Elite athletes have more in common with each other than they do with those of their own race. If you measure how long people live and how healthy they are late in life, it’s not as if Black men live until 100 and white men die at 50–we’re more alike than you may think. History has inter bred us, the average Dominican Ace is half African, Half Spanish, does that make him a better or worse athlete? I say better. Tiger woods, also mixed, and on and on. Europeans do better at in the snow and water and push humanity through extreme sports most blacks would never even think to attempt (snow boarding, cliff jumping, Surfing, etc..) The history of music and sport is one of inter-breeding..Who invented the microphone and the records that black guys use to rap? It’s about advancing the human race as a whole, not dividing and taking score for each race

    • It seems to me that not only the level of physical activity but the genetic condition of the family tree would also factor into the lifespan of athletes.

  • mickey

    We need to remember that what counts is the heart of the athlete, the desire, the drive, these attributes are mental/soulful and cannot be easily measured…Jumping high or running fast is a very transitory state, even the best black athletes can only stay at the top of the game for so long before being put on a shelf… a true competitor is not based on skin color, it’s an internal fire…and I know plenty of small, premature sickly babies who grow up to be the most fierce, determined people you know…they’ll be running a marathon while you’re on the couch getting diabetes in your 50’s.

  • mickey

    And let’s throw soccer into the discussion? At the top level you have teams made up of mostly Italian and Portuguese or Argentine people (Messi or Ronaldino) going head to head with super athletic africans, at the end of the day race is irrelevant.

    • Yet soccer has not taken off in this country beyond the “soccer moms” transporting their children to neighborhood league games. American men equate football as being more macho than soccer. Race may be irrelevant in soccer but guess who as a country is behind the eight ball?

  • Rakeeb

    As a child in 1984 I went 2 a Military boarding school.97% of the students were black, while 97% of the staff (teachers/houseparents) were white.Majority of the schools we played against were white,and for the most part we blow them out all the time,but every now and then they would beat us and we felt like it was the end of the world.I personally think that the reason white BB players can’t shine is because u have to have a certain mind set as well as better competition.Take Larry Bird,as a child he played with grown black men.By the time he was a teen he already had the confidence to excel at the sport.He wasn’t as athletic as his black counter parts,but the confidence was there and that’s the major difference.If the NBA wants more white stars then white parents have to start taking there kids to where the black kids play (In the Hood),or get them in tournaments that have majority black teams and get there confidence up..Cause as it stand all white guys have left is the way David Steirn (runs the NBA) tried to get the white athlete to become more relevant by making it legal to play zone defense so the white athlete wouldn’t have to play the one on one street ball style of play.The zone defense allows teams like Dallas to hide weak Dirk and make great athletes like Lebron/Wade take jumpshots, when there strength is going to the basket.If the NBA wants white Allstars get there confidence up before they get to high school or the NBA will cont. to be run by black athletes and Euro’s..POINT BLANK!!!

  • James

    Unfortunately Sports have come to this! Everybody shut up and just enjoy your sport. Root for your “TEAM” regaurdless what color the players are! Life is too short!

    • “Root for your “TEAM” regaurdless what color the players are! Life is too short! So in essence it’s easy to use sports as an escape mechanism from life’s pressures. Sports is neutral, Democrats and Republicans will stop trying to claw each other’s eyes out long enough to get caught up in a sports game. Life has no goal posts or scoreboards and there are some not so pleasant aspects to deal with that cannot be numbed by sitting on a bench or in front of a flat screen television rooting for a team.

  • Mark

    Jason Kidd is half white.

  • Mark

    Blake Griffin is also half white.

  • jo-blow

    I think civil rights killed the white athlete. After all, if blacks didn’t demand equality, it would for a certainty never occurred to whites at all that they were a bunch of racists or that we lived in a society full of white supremacy. But civil rights changed all of society and showed that whites invaded and encroached on not only blacks, but the natives of this land and all lands in the world. Whites, for centuries have dominated and killed off so many people of the world, it never occurred to them that they were the problem, they were the savages, the murderers, the theifs, the rapists on and on and on. Sports is just a small example of this.

  • the truth

    The truth is the game is as bad as it has ever been. It is all about showtime and not winning, thanks to the black man. They got to where they could not even win the olympics until a college coach jumped on board and forced them to play TEAM ball. One thing guaranteed,,The spurs will win the title this year because they play as a team, period.. Every one else is about watch me get my foty points. The game truely suxs now compared to 15 years ago. Just like the NFL,the blacks will bitch and complain enough until every QB and head coach is black. We have went well beyond equality the other way. Be a Golf fan, That game does not discriminate. You either put up or shut up and it will stay predominately white forever.

    • “That game does not discriminate. You either put up or shut up and it will stay predominately white forever.”  So if I follow this line of thinking, hockey and the NASCAR races are going to be predominately white too.

    • Hallee58

      Still think the Spurs are going to win the title???  Hahahahaha…

    • Hallee58

      Still think the Spurs are going to win the title???  Hahahahaha…

  • JZ

    wow good thing those stats are for NBA rosters.
    if the #’s were reversed and it was investment banking hires or college enrollment the government would mandate a quota system to bring up the minority with very low %’s

  • ervin

    I could have sworn Obama was a Nobel Peace Price winner

  • john gault

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    I was led here by ESPN and as a 28 year old White male I still don’t understand the hate represented by 95% of the comments posted on this article. Growing up, it never even crossed my mind to like or dislike someone because of their color, religion, etc.  If you liked ninja turtles, basketball, and/or Nintendo games, then you were probably going to be my friend as long as you wanted to be. I know it may sound naive, but I really hope my generation can help to finally put this hate behind us as a country as it does NOTHING but make us weaker as a people. Until we can learn to truly judge a man/woman based on their merits, we will never reach our full potential. For those that think this magazine is racist, DON’T READ IT! That is what is great about our country. Society will decide what is acceptable or not by buying or not buying a product thereby weeding out that which the majority does not want or need. If this magazine is truly offensive to whites (The magazine is obviously for African American interest so why would you read it if you don’t like AA’s?) or whatever race you want to plug into your argument, then DON’T BUY IT! In a Utopian society we wouldn’t need special race targeted media but WE AINT THERE YET! The kind of ignorant, hyper racist drivel posted so far only makes that goal, though impossible in the literal sense, COMPLETELY IMPOSSIBLE IN ANY DEFINITION! Can’t we try to get there and see how close we can get along the way?

  • Strive for a better America

    I was led here by ESPN and as a 28 year old White male I still don’t understand the hate represented by 95% of the comments posted on this article. Growing up, it never even crossed my mind to like or dislike someone because of their color, religion, etc.  If you liked ninja turtles, basketball, and/or Nintendo games, then you were probably going to be my friend as long as you wanted to be. I know it may sound naive, but I really hope my generation can help to finally put this hate behind us as a country as it does NOTHING but make us weaker as a people. Until we can learn to truly judge a man/woman based on their merits, we will never reach our full potential. For those that think this magazine is racist, DON’T READ IT! That is what is great about our country. Society will decide what is acceptable or not by buying or not buying a product thereby weeding out that which the majority does not want or need. If this magazine is truly offensive to whites (The magazine is obviously for African American interest so why would you read it if you don’t like AA’s?) or whatever race you want to plug into your argument, then DON’T BUY IT! In a Utopian society we wouldn’t need special race targeted media but WE AINT THERE YET! The kind of ignorant, hyper racist drivel posted so far only makes that goal, though impossible in the literal sense, COMPLETELY IMPOSSIBLE IN ANY DEFINITION! Can’t we try to get there and see how close we can get along the way?

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