Chad Johnson Tattoos Evelyn Lozada’s Face on His Leg

After domestic dispute, former NFL Player tweets photo of tattoo

Form TMZ.

While it appears that Evelyn Lozada has moved on from her estranged husband after a domestic dispute, Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson isn’t quite ready to throw in the towel. Johnson posted a photograph on his Twitter account with a tattoo of Lozada on his leg. He reportedly got the tattoo over the weekend. The tattoo appears to be a caricature of the Basketball Wives reality star, however, it has not been confirmed whether the tat is real or not.

Though the gesture appears to be an attempt to win back Lozada’s heart, sources reportedly claim she has no intention to reconcile with the former NFL player. Lozada, who recently appeared on Nightline to address the incident in which he headbutted her during an argument, filed for divorce last month. Johnson also loss his contract with the Miami Dolphins.

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  • kjall1

    somebody needs to head butt his ass. she still is going to divorce you. I dont know what make you think a tattoo is going to make somebody stay she wasn’t for you in the first place.

  • kjall1

    then on top of that she made you lose your job some thing you was good @ man please you must have knocked one of your marbles loose.

  • anonymous

    Wow celebrity makes people act irrationally … all this to stay relevant