Dick Gregory Calls Spike Lee Out on “Django Unchained” Comments

It seems as if Spike Lee is all by himself regarding his comments on Django Unchained

dick gregory smilingIn a recent radio interview, activist and comedian Dick Gregory slammed director Spike Lee by calling him a “punk” and a “thug” for his “duplicity and lack of foresight.”

Gregory also said that Lee is the same man who brought us She’s Gotta Have It, and dressed Malcolm X in a zoot suit in the self-titled film.

Gregory says whatever Lee is mad about is something that happened a long time ago, and he’s happy Spike Lee’s attempt to ambush the movie didn’t work.

Gregory also said he’d never seen a black man and a black woman ride off into the sunset in a movie, and that’s part of the beauty of DJango Unchained.

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  1. Spike Lee is not alone on his feelings about ‘Django’. Check out Armond White’s review http://cityarts.info/2012/12/28/still-not-a-brother/

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