Democratic Congressional Candidate Wants to Impeach President Obama

Anti-Obama Texas politician loses support of her own party

U.S. congressional candidate Kesha Rogers has lost most of her support from the Democratic Party for her unequivocal opposition to President Barack Obama. Since embarking on her political quest to represent Texas’ 22nd congressional district, Rogers has criticized President Obama’s “non-leadership” and fiscal policies.

Rogers has compared the president’s Affordable Care Act to the same ideology that led to the Holocaust, and back in 2010, called for the impeachment of Obama due to the dismal climate of the U.S. economy. “Mr. Obama is a puppet of the bankrupt financial system, and has pushed policies made notorious by the Adolph Hitler regime, and since condemned by the entire world,” she said.

The Texas Democratic Party said it cut off its resources to Rogers because of her opposition to the president, though she managed to win the primary election.

  • I think that she has lost her mind.

  • The brainwashed who still think there is a place for “House Negroes.”

  • How utterly pathetic!

  • You stupid bitch! You need to remember who and what you are to them first! Sounds like you are trying to win some brownie points for a position!

  • Someone who is definitely out of touch with reality and should be ashamed of her unintelligent remarks!

  • Me

    Not sure if she was trying to draw attention to herself with those unfounded remarks for her own gains, but this has obviously hurt her. Food for thought: people should research, and think before they speak… especially in public because you may look like a fool.

  • Where is her Mother? Her Mother needs to come snatch her up after making it so far in her career to only DISPLAY SUCH STUPIDITY!! VOTE HER OUT !! How Long will we continue to fight against Progress and each other while every other Race surpasses us by working together. She is now a part of the IDIOT CLUB !!!

  • Seeing that all she has said sounds like the Republicans why doesn’t she just change her party affiliation? And, the fact that she won says a lot!

  • Darrell

    Another soon to be black poster child for the Republican party. Good luck with that. Herman Cain and Artur Davis can share their experience

  • sheila katzman

    Keisha is starved of history – she needs do her research before making such a statement. I think she prefers a white person as a president. By the way, did she call for Bush to be impeached? Katzman

  • Ok, can someone tell me what President Obama Health Care Plan have to do with the “Holocust”, Which tortured and killed over 6,000,000 people including innocent young children? Not only does she display limited knowledege of her own history, It clearly shows she’s brain washed by the little History she does know!!!!