Sharpton Defends Obama’s “Not President of Black America” Comments

What did you think of the president's comments?

obama sharpton laughingOur recent exclusive sit-down interview with President Obama has generated a lot of discussion due to his comments that he is not the “president of black America.”

News sites from across the web as well as print newspapers have picked up the quote, and the president has received criticism for saying he will create policies that help all people and not just one group.

Rev. Al Sharpton, an ardent Obama supporter, has come to the defense of the president.

Sharpton told the New York Daily News he was glad Obama “finally” stood up to his African-American critics who are “trivializing” the work he has done for black Americans.

He also pointed his finger at the Democratic Party saying they never held Bill Clinton to the tough standards they hold President Obama to.

Read more at the New York Daily News

  • I am proud that he is finally standing up for himself. It sickens me that black Americans have the audacity to minimize his efforts to the color of his skin, expecting him to only do for them. He is the President of the United States and his job is to support policies that uplift ALL Americans, just as he says. If he were to focus only on black Americans you can rest assured he’d be the last President of color ever1

    • Pikov N Dropov

      Did the DREAM Act uplift ALL Americans? Did the repeal of DADT uplift ALL Americans? Heck, did the passage of the Civil Rights Acts uplift ALL Americans?

      There are some times when a problem affects ONLY a particular group, and yes the President of the entire country can be pressed do do something about it.

      • 1Georgia_Girl


        • tiztiz

          I approve this MESSAGE..

      • Yes the Dream Act, DADT Repeal and Civil Rights Act all do uplift all Americans because there is no equality with inequality being practiced. How dare you support oppression and then have the audacity to cry out “what about me?” Since American blacks want him to do something specifically for their population, what should it be?

        • 1Georgia_Girl

          “. . . . Since American blacks want him to do something specifically for their population, what should it be?”

          WHAT SHOULD IT BE???? The same HELP he WENT OUT OF HIS WAY TO do for illegals and gays,. . no more . . NO LESS.

          Wait, . . I could be mistaken, but did someone of a different or of a recently promoted ethnicity/heritage just use the word “How dare you, .” about AAs trying to get treated fairly?

          I tell you what, . .since YOU went down that road, then let’s just set up a few qualifiers about just who can ‘throw rocks and hit AAs in the eye’ about getting EQUAL treatment under PBO. Especially since we are out of line, okay?.

          YOU READY?. . .Mr. Angelo Romeo Martinez? You are free to criticize AAs about needing their fair share of redress/protections like gays and illegals if your direct ancestors came to America via the Transatlantic Slave Route and were sold as human chattel; If they endured and survived 400 years of slavery, complete with night riders, lynchings, rapes, church fire bombings, the klan, police dogs, water hoses, bully clubs; If they served time in the institutionalized penal system formally referred to as Jim Crow; If you and your unemployed brothers, cousins, uncles and fathers are currently experiencing systemic displacement from low/moderately skilled jobs due to the encouraged influx of illegals from ‘s.o.t. b’. . and now having to beg for attention from a black president that without AA’s unprecedented participation, he would never have attained;, . . then ‘the chair’ will permit you to hurl some rocks.

          The audacity of you critiquing what we do and don’t staggering.

          Examine your own words, sir. As you SAID, . .”there is no equality with inequality being practiced. Why aren’t YOU up in arms about the unaddressed disparities plaguing our AA communities,…. Mr. Angelo Romeo Martinez?

          • There are no LAWS pegged against African-Americans, there are laws that prevent gays from equal rights and FYI immigrant workers actually stabilize our economy so that we can live comfortably. Get rid of them and just watch how much more expensive your groceries will be.

            I am fully aware of the history of African-Americans but there are no laws in place (that I know of) that disenfranchise them at all. You still haven’t answered my question, what should he do? Instead you decided to attack me, that’s not bringing solutions to the table. If you hate the job that Obama is doing so much vote for Mitt Romney and see if you get a better deal of things. Though I am willing to bet you’ll have a better understanding of the struggles of your ancestors if he gets into office.

          • 1Georgia_Girl

            DEAR SIR:

            “. . . . You still haven’t answered my question, what should he do?”

            O.K? . . Want something on the table?


            ” . . . If you hate the job that Obama is doing so much vote for Mitt Romney and see if you get a better deal of things. Though I am willing to bet you’ll have a better understanding of the struggles of your ancestors if he gets into office.”

            Been there , done that. . . It was called PRESIDENT RONALD (Don’t give a damn about black folks) REAGAN, 1981 – 1989.

            “. . . get a better deal of things”. A deal? I’m not looking for a DEAL. My people thrived when they had jobs, not more temp help that can be cut off in a budget vote/debate. Like in the 90’s. Remember that?

            “. . prevent gays from equal rights. How about gays not being allowed to redefine ‘marriage’, so that I won’t be forced to redefine my beliefs just to accommodate/embrace someone else’s deviancy.

            Now, since I have addressed your concerns, stop ADDRESSING ME. YOU do what you must, and so will I.


            A Runaway Slave

          • You commented on my thread or have you forgotten? I live in Georgia where we have the highest rate of unemployment in the country. When the governor chased the illegals out of the fields our grocery prices sky rocketed! There still aren’t any of our “unemployed brothers” working in those fields! Crops are dying off and there aren’t people climbing over one another to do farmwork.

            FYI if you are a black person and you are arguing about marriage being redefined you are completely uninformed. Once upon a time it had to be redefined just so that your marriage would be legally recognized. Or are you not familiar with the history of marriage?

          • Robert Graham

            Atlanta has one of the highest crime rates in the country and 99.7% of the crime there is commited by black people. Just because unemployment is high does not give anybody the right to rob and kill.

          • Robert Graham

            We no longer need illegal aliens to pick lettuce or other produce because we now have automated machinery to do that.

          • Robert Graham

            If we get rid of niggers America’s crime rates will go down. And if we get rid of illegal aliens too, the crime rate will drop even more.

    • 1Georgia_Girl

      All ‘Americans’ didn’t need the help as badly as we did and we are still waiting for our issues to be addressed. Does claiming ‘All’ Americans mean that we AAs have to be repeatedly shuffled to the back of the deck of cards?

      Gays’ and illegals’ issues have gotten his attention and action “front and center.” The 1st group is what, . . 2% or 3% of the population, while AAs comprise at least 30%. Gays have ‘bleed him dry’ whining and threatening with their endless wants and desires. They aren’t unemployed like AAs. The 2nd group of 800,000 who got free WORK PERMITS, and they couldn’t even vote, or did that come with temporary voter registration cards too? Oh, . . my bad! (That one slipped out).

      Sharpton and Obama scolding us for objecting that others have ‘cut’ in line too much already shows a total disconnect to our real problems. We can get ‘nothing’ from Romney, at least that makes sense. If the ‘black’ pres. can’t be looked to for helping those his constituency, then w/ho the hell is supposed to do it?

      • America needs jobs, I am not sure exactly how you propose the President does that specifically for African-Americans but if he found a way you can bet he will be the last black President ever! The American Jobs Act has been submitted to congress already yet they won’t do anything but use it as a paperweight.

        • Bella

          You must have missed where Obama said he is not the President of us(Black America). I hope he realizes that his cockiness with Black America is being realized with a lot of Black Americans.

          • tiztiz

            It was realized with me a long time ago. Most of our people are waking to this very FACT…

        • Robert Graham

          Are you saying that jobs should be given to blacks before whites?

          • 1Georgia_Girl

            Mr. Graham:

            It seems you have stumbled onto this site, as you are unable to surmise that we are mostly AAs discussing issues from an AA perspective about the issues WE need to redress, i.e., such as PO’s record in our communities, illegals, unemployment, etc. uniquely from an AA/minority perspective.

            As you seem to obviously be white, which I garnered from the excessive overflow of bitterness and bile spewing from your mouth, your obsessive need to call us or refer to us as ‘niggers’ – just so we can know/feel/cringe at your disdain of AAs; only leaves me a marginal hope of you receiving some much needed help First, and most unfortunately for you, your anger at the world, minorities and anyone/anything else that’s obviously eating away at you; only deprives you and your comments of establishing any credibility from anyone here who would have been so inclined as to have granted you respect based solely upon you functioning as a human being.

            Secondly, you apparently didn’t get the email/memo that calling blacks ‘NIGGERS’ nowadays doesn’t quite seem to have the belittling sting or crippling stigmatization coming from whites that it once did during your grand-daddy’s time or even your great-grand-daddy’s time. Really, when you think about it, calling us ‘NIGGERS’ for over 400 years now was bound to get old some time. I’m over 50 now, and I got over it when I was 8, if that’ll put it in perspective for you. My 20- year old and 21-year old texts us from college, my husband and myself, each morning laughingly with, “What’s up, my NIGGAS???!!” And we text both right back with, “You’ll both be OUR NIGGAS, . . even if you don’t get no BIGGER!!!. (yeah, we even make it rhyme, and such).

            So, as I promised, I’ll try to help you out here to bring you up to snuff. I recommend you ‘google’ or for some sufficient or more efficient alternatives for next time around. “Jig-a-boo” might work for you, ‘coon’ is a good one – it just might have some tread left on it for you. ‘Pickaninny’ could be good, (depending on the age of the ‘nigger’ of course, – they can’t be too old.) ‘”Tar Babies” might just ‘STICK'”, . . GET IT? . . STICK?!!! . . LMBAO! I’m sorry, Robert, I know that ‘lmbao’ comment wasn’t very ‘godly’ of me, but I just couldn’t help it with that one! All of these can probably help out, . you know, just “get giggy wit it!!” Stand in front of a mirror and practice them before you roll them out.

            Next, you asked, “. . . . Are you saying that jobs should be given to blacks before whites?

            Perhaps, if we treat the unemployment crisis like a ‘hospital triage environment’ fairness will win out. If someone has his ‘throat slit’ and someone else has a ‘skinned knee’ then who should see the surgeon first, . . . irregardless of their race? If you were black and bleeding out, and I was a bitter, displaced, forgotten Caucasian such as yourself, who have been ‘pushed to the side and now treated like . . ‘coons’. . . by ‘uber-rich’ Caucasians; I think I could still manage to be ‘decent enough’ to let the ‘jig-a-boo’ go first! (See, I even used two in a sentence for you!)

            FYI, it might help for you to remember, corporate America, and the business lobby under Bush II and, of course, Clinton, too, (NAFTA). shipped your job over seas to save money on benefits and pad their pockets. NiGGERS didn’t do that to you or to America.

            Finally, I recommend you find your grandma’s or great-grandma’s family bible and come to a SAVING KNOWLEDGE of the true Jesus Christ. I’ll pray with you if you can’t or don’t know how. Not the one in those questionable pamphlets you know that tell you he is not a Jew but an Aryan, and how only whites will be in heaven. If you follow that premise, you’re going to hate it up there, I’m sure of it. Hate is eating you alive and that’s why I could HONESTLY only feel abject pity for you, and not the anger you had hoped to elicit from us. If I get there before you, I’ll ask God to let us be neighbors and we can work on some more ‘slurs’ up there for all them other nationalities of ‘colored folks’ that’ bound to be up there in your way and causing problems.

            Hugs and kisses

  • I totally agree with Al Sharpton on this one. I get tired of Black Pundits like Tavis Smiley and Cornell West constantly criticizing the President of the United States for what they consider to be his lack of Focus on the Black community during his term. If they spent more time educating the black community on the programs that are out there for retraining that are paid for by the gov’t and other programs that are out there to assist the black community instead of being bitter about things beyond the POTUS control there might be a different conversation. The alternative is Mitt Romney and he really isn’t going to give a damn about anybody but the rich. He doesn’t even care about poor white folks. When you go to the pools my fellow brothers and sisters be smart – Once the President has been reelected he will have carte blanche to new much more but its going to take all of our votes to give him that opportunity and you will not regret it if you do…
    If Black people want to find out what Mr. President has done for them so far here is a link:

    • 1Georgia_Girl

      Black Folks don’t need a link, . . we only need to get up every morning for a reality check.

      • Robert Graham

        The only reality check you need is for you to realize that it was a big mistake ever electing this black President. It will never happen again.

    • tiztiz

      “Once the President has been reelected he will have carte blanche to new
      much more but its going to take all of our votes to give him that
      opportunity and you will not regret it if you do”

      Don’t hold your breath on that – this President will only do what he is told to do.
      George Bush Jr didn’t give a damn about the democrats. He did what he wanted to do and the democrats went right along with it…NOW THAT’S GANGSTA!

      • Robert Graham

        Sorry but he won’t be re-elected.

        • tiztiz

          And your reasons why he won’t get re-elected is based on what?
          BTW – i don’t care either way it goes – both candidates are cut from the same cloth in politics..

    • Robert Graham

      You should go see because it sums up how much of idiot he really is.

  • Bella

    The President’s comment was uncalled for, since the reporter never asked him if he was the President of Black America!

    • Robert Graham

      You mean to say that the President comment was uncalled for because you think that he should only help black people? Anybody who though his comment was wrong is a racist.

  • tiztiz

    Rev Al will say anything to keep his processed head on TV. So what Al has to say doesn’t count.
    Now on to this president’s comment – what’s interesting to me – the President feels the need to tell us this from time to time as if after 3yrs – we don’t already know this.
    He has no problem coming to the aid of others and telling them he’s in their corner..

    “President Barack Obama promised a roomful of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) activists on 6/15/12 Friday that he would be their “fellow advocate” as long as he is in the White House.”

    Obama, hosting an LGBT Pride Month reception in the mansion’s ornate East Room, thanked gay servicemen and women for their service and alluded to the fitful process that led him to publicly endorse same-sex marriage.



    • At the moment there are NO public policies that infringe upon the rights of African Americans but there are against the LGBT community.

      • tiztiz

        A puppet can only do – what a puppet is told to do..
        Why didn’t George Bush Jr. see it that way – he told them what he thought…

      • Robert Graham

        But that will change come November when we elect a new president who by the way, is not black.

  • Robert Graham

    Just what in the hell is he then, Chinese? Al Sharpton is an idiot. Maybe what Sharpton meant was that he is not black but rather a nigger because there is a difference.

  • Robert Graham

    Oh and if he is not black then why would Sharpton call everybody racists who didn’t vote for him and who oppose his policies?

  • Robert Graham