• Shonda paulo

    I am interested in opening a nightclub for LGBT community in my local area

    • Jax Smith

      I will be opening a Night club in my area for the LGBT. There’s absolutely nowhere for African American LGBT to party mon-Sun. I also plan to make it a mix crowd, mixed sexualities.

  • mia

    hi you can be in

  • Re

    Hi, I am a minority woman looking to open up my very first club or bar. I am located in Cleveland, Ohio. I expect the population to increase here. I am seeking for more information on how to go about starting this kind of business and as well as loans/grants to help. I am currently a regular “jane” just working full time and living pay check to pay check unfortunately. Please help 🙂

  • jandre

    i want to open my own club,i need help to get full documents licence

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