3 Fundamental Affiliate Marketing Secrets From Rosetta Thurman

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The old adage “Your network is your net worth” has never been more true for so many business owners operating in the digital landscape. But are we fully maximizing its benefits?

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As an entrepreneur building a business, it’s become increasingly important to create multiple revenue streams. The wonderful thing about the digital age is the incredible power business owners have to not only increase their networks and spread the word about their own products and services, but to also earn revenue from those connections by helping their fellow entrepreneurs do the same through affiliate marketing.

For those not familiar, affiliate marketing is earning a commission through either the promotion of another brand or company’s products, tools or services, or shared revenue generated from selling products and services to joint customers and audiences.

Even new entrepreneurs are benefitting from this marketing strategy in two important ways. The first one, which is quite obvious, is generating passive revenue by partnering with companies that share your values. The second benefit is expanding and nurturing their own communities by recommending beneficial tools, services and products.

The results? Entrepreneurs are adding incredible value to their community, while establishing trust and authority simultaneously – both of which are necessary to attract the right kind of clients and customers.

BlackEnterprise.com sat down with Rosetta Thurman the creator of Happy Black Woman to discuss how she uses affiliate marketing and its significant role in her own wealth creation and business model. It’s frankly an area that many black-owned businesses are not capitalizing.

As Thurman shares, there are various ways to create profitable and mutually beneficial affiliate relationships.  She even exclaimed her joy in our asking her to discuss affiliate marketing because, as she says, “No one ever asks me about this.”

You can find the full audio version and transcript of our interview with Rosetta here.

Happiness You Can Take to the Bank

In just over two years, Rosetta Thurman has built a multi-ethnic, multicultural community of almost a quarter of a million women worldwide.  Happy Black Woman helps women ‘create their ideal life.’ Thurman states emphatically that, The Happy Black Woman is Rosetta herself. And thanks to the business and life tools that she shares through her online platforms, she has created a thriving business fueled by her community of Happy Women across the globe. She’s created a multiple six-figure business, living from the one suitcase into which she says all of her belongings fit.

Calling it her ‘Cycle of Liberation,’ “when you do one thing that makes you realize it’s possible for you to do anything,” in 2010 she started her quest to find out what made her happy. Living in the Washington, DC area at the time and working a corporate position, she quit her job, cut her hair and went natural aka ‘The Big Chop,’ and began hosting happy hours and blogging about her journey. What she found was a community of women who were also feeling unfulfilled but desperately wanted: Happiness, Success and Freedom. The three words became a recurring theme and guide all of Thurman’s decisions for her community.

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