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Black Enterprise Magazine September/October 2018 Issue


5 Ways to Power Up Your Digital Footprint

Googled yourself lately? What did you notice?  Are you satisfied with the impression you leave for those who find you?  Are you non-existent?   In the article about "Un-Networking...,"  I shared the idea of being attractive. A good way to do that is to be intentional...

Goodr Creates Free, Pop-Up Grocery Store for MLK Day

Goodr recently partnered with the Atlanta Hawks for a unique event surrounding MLK Day. Approximately 100 Atlanta seniors were invited to partake of a signature Goodr “Pop-up Grocery” event, where delicious surplus food from multiple Atlanta grocery partners was available for free.


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Career ownership is an investment, just like home ownership. Adopting the concept of career ownership will give you confidence, freedom and joy in knowing that you determine your career success.

How to Own Your Career in 2019

From early 401(k) plan withdrawals to not actively investing in stocks because it’s for “old white people,” studies show Millennials rank near or at the bottom when it comes to financial savvy. Here are the top three Millennials’ money mistakes.

[VIDEO] The Top 3 Millennials’ Money Mistakes

From 2007 to 2012, black-owned businesses in the US grew by 34% to 1.2 million, clearly demonstrating the trajectory of African American entrepreneurship. To keep that momentum going into the new year, here are four best business software tools for 2019.

4 Best Business Software Tools for 2019

Tis’ the season for identity theft, this is the time of year id theft rises, although your identity can be stolen at any time, you want to be more careful around the holidays. During the holiday season your credit & debit card transitions increase whether if its in store or online.

7 Signs of Identity Theft