Free Money? The Top 10 Grants Available to Black, Minority Business Owners

There is free money available to help aspiring and established small business owners

business-grantEvery year billions of dollars are awarded in the form of free money and other types of funding. Most people know this money exists, but just don’t know where to apply, how much they qualify for, or even where to get an application.

Contrary to popular belief, free money is available to entrepreneurs. Real business grants do exist. In fact, hundreds of black and minority-owned businesses each year receive such grant funding from various government agencies and nonprofit organizations, reports Such funds do not have to be repaid, but must be used to either start a new business or enhance an existing one. Others can be used for innovation research.

Here are the top 10 small and minority business grant programs available:

1. The FedEx Small Business Grant Contest is a nationwide competition that will award $50,000 in total to six deserving U.S-based entrepreneurs and business owners. Go to


2. The National Association for the Self Employed (NASE) Growth Grants Program allows business owners to apply for financing a particular small business need. Past recipients used funds to purchase computers, hire part-time help, and create marketing materials. Visit


3. The Dare to Dream Grant Program encourages students to move through the business creation process by offering business development seminars and up to $10,000 in funding. Learn more at


4. The Miller Lite Tap the Future Business Plan Competition (formerly known as the MillerCoors Urban Entrepreneur Series) is an annual competition for minority business owners sponsored by Miller Lite. Designed to economically empower minority businesses, the program continues to invest in entrepreneurial dreams to empower urban communities. Learn more at

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5. The Small Business Administration (SBA) administers several competitive business grant programs, ensuring that the nation’s small, high-tech, innovative businesses are a significant part of the federal government’s research and development efforts. Check out


6. The Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) organizes various angel investors with the primary objective of supporting minority businesses with mezzanine and second round financing. Learn more at


7. The Rural Business Enterprise Grants (RBEG) Program provides grants to finance the development of small and emerging businesses in rural areas. The funds can be used for land acquisition, construction, renovation, technical assistance, project planning, and more. Visit


8. The Huggies MomInspired Grant Program awards grants and business resources to moms to further the development of original product ideas and startup businesses. Learn more at


9. The DOT Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) program is intended to ensure nondiscrimination in the award and administration of DOT-assisted contracts in the Department’s highway, transit, airport, and highway safety financial assistance programs. Learn more at


10. The Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program provides grant funding to small businesses to engage in biomedical or behavioral research/development that leads to a potential for commercialization. Go to

To learn about more 2014 business grant programs, visit


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  49. Kevin Lee Gayles says:

    I have a new haircuting/grooming products that I need funding for. Reply

  50. Cynthia Willims says:

    I buy unsaleable Athletic Shoes from stores, revise them and sale to low income areas at 75%off. I need a building in order to expand.

  51. Cammie says:

    I need help starting my on business. How can I get a grant.

  52. Tanya Parrott says:

    I am interested in a grant to start me and my finance business. What is my first step?

  53. vivian cheek says:

    Have a business ideal inner circle community i think will benefit the neighborhood. Need to know about starting up a business with out any collateral know experience, Only a VISION that will benefit the future up lift unity building up our community.

  54. ken says:

    I need grant help doing folk lift business

  55. Elidia says:

    After research a number of of the blog posts on your website now, and I actually like your means of blogging. I bookmarked it to my bookmark website record and shall be checking again soon. Pls take a look at my website online as effectively and let me know what you think.

  56. Lenell says:

    Need grant help to start my program idea that allows police departments to outsource the problem that they have with some of their officers to us. My program is designed to remove any biases that officers may have towards minority, which are or may interfere with their duties.

  57. annabelle turner says:

    I am interested rested in opening a juice bar need help

  58. Kelvin says:

    I would like to start a plas

  59. James Palmer says:

    Is there really such a thing as grants for minority owned businesses? I can’t find help or funding anywhere.

  60. Maralice says:

    I will like to start my business but don’t know where to began….

  61. Marcus Powell says:

    Im interested in starting a cosmetology and barbering school. The school will provide felons and those with difficult backgrounds the capabilites of gaining a license in there chosen field. By giving them a second chance on life it helps lesson the number of people to return back to jail. The school will also be open to the public and provide the local area with a quality hair college. If anybody know of somewhere i could get assistance it would be much appreciated.

    Thank You
    Marcus Powell

  62. Timothy Stanley says:

    To whom it may concern, I am an up and coming local business in the state of Arizona. I wanted to know more about how to apply for grants to get my business open. The reason I would like to open my business is to help out my community with all the lost jobs and undeserved people. Lastly I think this will greatly impact our local community in a big way by putting people back to work and giving them a second chance at becoming financially stable.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my comment.

    Timothy Stanley

    • Connect & Fuse LLC says:

      Hi Mr. Stanley,

      I saw your post and wanted to offer my advice and potential joint business opportunity. However, if nothing more I hope it aids you in realizing your goals.

      I could not determine clearly if you have a business or looking to create one? Do you want a For Profit, a Nonprofit, a Not for Profit or a foundation. Your idea is commendable because it drove you this far but before you ask someone to invest in you, in the back of your mind you already know before you reap you have to sow. My brand new business is based on my many years of making companies and people succeed in their endeavors. I personally believe God gave me the ability to listen, watch, learn, plan,validate, execute and document. There is a key to success. I will teach or assist you in achieving your goal if that’s His will. BTW my faith is only respectfully shared to provide context to my character. On that same respectful note you need a plan to move forward. Reply to me if you think my company can help you however I still know you will ultimately be successful because your idea is bigger than you.


      Wes Harris
      President & CEO
      Connect & Fuse LLC

      • Silas Williams says:

        Hello Sir,
        I’m currently a Command Sergeant Major in the military about to retire within a year and I have a desire to start my own business, but one that helps people in ways that contribute to their everyday living and ultimately secures the future of my own success. I have what I feel are 2 excellent ideas and would like to discuss them with your company because I see the commitment you have in helping aspiring people like me. Please contact me at my email address as I am wanting to learn the best way to start my dream of having my own business.

        Very respectfully,
        Silas Williams

  63. Chante Dodd says:

    To whom it may concern, my name is Chante Dodd, I have been planning my program for years now, about nine years to be exact, I went through everything I needed for the program, which is called Austin After Foster Care Facility, which houses the kids who age out of the Foster care system and guides them step by step to transition into being responsible abiding citizens.

    I hit a hurdle I can’t get over, I am now at the point where I need to build revenue for the program, but I need a building to house 25 to 50 young adults, that are to old for the foster care system but still to young to figure it out on their own.

    I know I can be a great roll model for these kids (young adults) for i was in the same boat, raised in foster care since the age of 3, I too aged out of the foster care system and figured it out by trial and errra.

    I went on to get my degree in my late 30s worked for a big corporation, and I feel I made it, despite the odds.

    I have tried to get grants on my own and got scammed by the grant scram last Christmas , and out of a lot of money, I got pretty discouraged shortly after.

    I know it will bring jobs to the community, and help the children have a better chance to succeed.

    Is there any one who can help this program move foward.

    I plan to be hands on, to make sure the program is always running how I envision it.

    Thanks to all readers for taking the time to read this post.

    Chante Dodd
    Founder and Director of AAFCF

    • John Ayers says:

      Good day Ms. Dodd,

      I was very moved by your post that you wrote. I’m not at liberty to put much information here at this time, but I would like to talk with you personally as I have some unsolicited and more importantly FREE information that I would like to give you.

      God Bless you for your passion and your MISSION! I look forward to your response.

      John Ayers

      Please contact me directly at my personal email:

  64. Drorit Wright says:

    I am a low income single mom and I desire to start a Property Management company to revitalize low income areas with safe affordable housing for Veterans, Elderly families. Finding grants have been my obstruction. Would you be able to direct me to grant opportunities?
    Thank you for your open source posting. This opportunity will change my life as well of those who benefit from my vision.
    Thank you,
    Drorit Wright

  65. Andree says:


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  66. Symond says:

    This is very much great and hope fully nice blog. Every body can easily get perfect information from here.

  67. Andrea Monzon says:

    I’m starting an all natural hair care line and need help with the start up and launch of the product.

    • Denise Martin says:

      I am starting an all natural soap co which will offer bath and body products if you have any info I could use to help get funding I would appreciate it.

  68. Randy CUMMINGS says:

    I am trying to start up a paving business trying to find the right answer to my questions

  69. I’m interested in a grant to upgrade my equipment an start up a website, computer and payroll ..

  70. Angela Shelley says:

    I am currently wanting to apply for a grant to start up a hookah lounge in Maryland I am a single black woman. What are some grants that I can apply for?


    i am Vivian Ajigan a NIGERIAN, i just graduated from the university where i studied Biotechnology, i want to go into waste recycling business because waste disposal is a major problem in my country especially the northern part of Nigeria. i need grant to help me start up this business and employ many to work and earn a living. what grants can i apply for.

  72. Judy wyche says:

    To whom it may concern I took care of mother15 years of my iife I have a dream a dream to own my own business which I know would do well cause it’s my mother dream to but her heath end but I am ready for the both of us READY ALL I NEED IS SOME HELP AND I WOULD FLY

  73. Magdalene Sneeze says:

    I need financial aid in employing more hands.

  74. Magdalene Sneeze says:

    I need help with payment for equipment.

  75. Magdalene Sneeze says:

    I need help to start my business.

  76. Magdalene Sneeze says:

    I need help to promoting my business.

  77. Kebar Y says:

    I just started a business, I need help with getting it off the ground and out to the public.

  78. Shontea Faison says:


    To whom this may concern, Currently I work in partnership with a company that houses my small business, I am self-employed and I have hired four to five individuals working in co-partnership with this company. I would love the opportunity to branch out and start my own brand but giving others a great opportunity as well.
    First off the company is an FCC Lifeline program affiliate for individuals that receive Medicaid, or if dependent receives Medicaid, Foodstamps, Social Security/disability benefits or veterans spouse pension benefit they receive a free android smartphone with 500 MB of internet, free minutes and unlimited text messages. The point I’m trying to make is I need a grant for an actual location this would be a for-profit organization. The location would be utilized for ground shipping site only for supplies, interviewing and job-training. A place to apply for the job with internet access because some individuals don’t have computer use at home. If I could apply for a grant in that respect that could help grow my business it would expand it greatly as well give people an opportunity to work for themselves and provide for their families with flexibility in their job schedule and quicker ways to make money by simply signing up people daily to maximize their income exceptionally.

    I can be contacted via email or via phone 910-308-2393

  79. Antonio Davis says:

    To whom this may concern or can provide guidance,

    I currently supervisor others providing daily support and assistance to intellectully disabled adults. I consider myself an advocate for the intellectully impaired. I’ve been working here in this field for several years now. I’m currently looking to invite an intellectully impaired adult to live in my home, providing daily support. Throughout the years I’ve witnessed some questionable treatment as well as some great care. My vision is to foster an adult for 2 years. Following I would convert my home into an adult group home housing 4-5 intellectully impaired adults. In order to begin helping others to the magnitude that I desire requires money. Seeking a bank loan for start up seems to be impossible. I’m seeking $15,000.00 with the guaranteed ability to repay in full within 6 months. I’m seeking someone who’s willing to invest with me in the future of those who can’t do for themselves. If there’s any information that can be a help to me please reach out to me.

  80. Regas Sager says:

    I am looking for funding in the technology industry. As a minority owned business it has been difficult to on board the right UX developer without having significant cash on hand. I have a great idea that will help houses of worship and other small businesses looking for musical talent. I’m looking for strategic partnerships that will assist me in helping solve this problem that occurs every week. I would love to conversate more In depth about my current situation, I have a prototype of my app developed. I’m looking to do specific coding on the backend for fulfillment, beta testing and launch. If anyone out there knows of someone that would like to partner up or point me in the right direction for funding that would be absolutely AWESOME!

  81. Sandra D Phillips says:

    Sandra P says: I am looking to start my own business I need help to start please my vision is to open up A beauty supply store in the small town I’m living in there’s not one here have to go miles to get to one so my dream is to open up my own store so I need someone to give me some advise I’m in the dark here I need help.

  82. Teresa says:

    Hello I am looking for funding/assistance in opening small affordable nursing home facility with great quality care in my area and eventually expanding any help or suggestions would be appreciated

  83. Howard Bailey says:

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    Best Regards,Paul Hutt.

  84. Regas Sager says:

    Does Franklin Moore have a website to view?

  85. angela mondlane says:

    hello , i am from africa , i am able to apply . regards

  86. Martins walters says:

    Hello Sirs / Madams,
    Do you need financing for your home, for your business, buying a car, to buy motorcycle, to create your own businesses, for your personal needs, we give both short and long term credit with an interest rate well studied. Please specify in your loan applications the exact amount that you want and repayment.Please contact our email for more information.
    Best regards.

  87. Jenny Kim says:

    Do you need a credit/financial assistance ? We offer funding at a very low
    interest rate of 2.5%. All interested applicants are to contact us via email
    for more information.

    Get back to us via email:

    Trimark Financial Services
    United States

  88. corey lane says:

    Hi my name is corey lane.I am looking to find a grant or a business partner. I have a few great business plans i promise my self i would give a try this year,one inparticuler if anyone could give me anytips or would like to her me out. I would love to explain.

  89. Christina Williams says:

    I am looking to start my own clothing line I’m looking for investors and grant money as well as a mentor I’m starting from the ground up so any help is welcomed

  90. Stacy says:

    Nice post. I discover something extra challenging on different blogs everyday. It’ll constantly be stimulating to read content from other writers and practice a little something from their store. I’d prefer to use some using the content material on my weblog no matter whether you do not mind. Natually I’ll offer you a link in your internet blog.

  91. Jackie says:

    Valuable information. Fortunate me I discovered your web site by chance, and I’m surprised why this accident didn’t took place earlier! I bookmarked it.

  92. Judy Webster says:

    I want to start a t-shirt business and open a kids spa here in Ferguson Mo. to help give the little kids of my community somewhere to go and feel beautiful about themselves where can i get the funding for both projects

  93. Christopher Scarbrough says:

    I’m trying to see how do I go bye getting a business grant

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