9 Responses to Urban Entrepreneurs Win $125,000 In Business Grants

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  2. mrs Hadley says:

    I would like more information on how to get business grants…

    • Steven Lemon says:

      Our company tries to match funding requests with funding sources.
      We charge no fee if you don’t get funds.

      Send your request information to
      Be prepared to submit a complete application, including business plan.
      If you need help preparing your paperwork we have partners that can help you for a nominal fee, but you are certainly encouraged (and it is desired) to complete your own paperwork.
      Steven Lemon
      Stephen Frazier Group, Inc.

  3. Meron says:

    I would like to know how to get business grant.

  4. Alfred Edmond, Jr. says:

    To learn more about competing for business grants through the MillerCoors Urban Enterprise Series, go to

  5. Adaj Perry says:

    I would like to get some specific info. on how I would go about obtaining grants for my business…

  6. bartholomew j. worthington III says:

    One would think that with as much as they make in contributing to the decline of minority neighborhoods, MillerCoors would award far more money to small businesses.

    • Steven Lemon says:

      It’s not like Miller/Coors goes in and forces anyone to buy their beer.
      They should not be admonished for spending less to improve a neighborhood than the residents themselves spend.

  7. Marcus d johnson says:

    Im very interested in a startup grant and other grant posibilities

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