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When it comes to summer travel it’s not just about where you go, but where you stay as well. To truly get the best out of your next vacation, don't just check in to the largest chain hotel, sometimes a trendy boutique hotel can offer just as much flair but with a more intimate setting. Here are five fabulous boutique hotels that are worth checking into on your next out of town (or out of the country) adventure. —Andrea Adams, Travelista TV

5 Boutique Hotels Worth Checking Into

When you're looking for a unique experience in a cozy setting, go off the beaten path and opt for a boutique hotel

Summer travel is about more than just where you go, but where you stay. Boutique…

By Andrea Adams

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A Nature Lover’s Adventure

Belize is a Central American playground with an enthralling wild side and soothing aquatic splendors

The VAST, mysterious night sky silenced every thought in my head as I marveled at…

By Sean Drakes

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