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Entrepreneurs and ‘Black Lives Matter’

Tips for joining the conversation via your social media platform

Being an entrepreneur is a very tenuous business. We are disruptors of sorts. However, as…

By Ella Rucker

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Four Ways to Make Money Blogging

Try these basic tips to earn some cash while blogging

Blogging may not make you rich like Necole Bitchie or Perez Hilton, but there’s definitely…

By Essence Gant

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Blogging Your Professional Brand

Want to be thought of as an industry expert? Become a blogger

Don’t think of blogging as writing several paragraphs per day. Keep it as fluid, dynamic,…

By Denise Campbell Laidler

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Fitness Factor! The Price of Success

Celebrity trainer Mark Jenkins wants to know what you're willing to invest in your health and, as a result, your career

Celebrity trainer Mark Jenkins wants to know what you’re willing to invest in your health…

By Mark Jenkins

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Cyberwise: Belated Blogger?

Am I too late in the game?

I want to begin a blog for my event planning business, but every time I…

By Dale Coachman

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McCain, Obama Traveling to Mississippi

(Source: perezhilton.com)

Sen. John McCain announced he will participate in tonight’s presidential candidate debate, going head-to-head…

By Janell Hazelwood

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Obama: Debate Should Commence

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama says he plans to continue campaigning and that Friday’s…

By Janell Hazelwood

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Pumping Up Web Traffic

Having the right hyperlinks can drive customers to your site

The hyperlink is still the lifeblood of the Web. When you see some interesting content…

By Brent Leary

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