Fitness Factor! The Price of Success

Fitness Factor! The Price of Success

I have been in the business of transforming minds and bodies for the last 18 years. Though I am better known and acknowledged for my celebrity transformations, I also have just as many CEO’s and corporate clients who seek me out for a competitive advantage in their field of work.

In the corporate world, intelligence is not the only factor that is key to being successful. Being healthy, eating right, and working out gives these executives  the endurance, flexibility, and strength to weather the storms and lead the attacks on the corporate battle field. People tend to overlook the benefit of exercise and having a health conscious, sound mind. It really has a substantial and beneficial effect by having maximum productivity and making good decisions.

Several studies show that exercise improves brain performance. The first study was in 1986, a research was conducted with 30 women at Purdue University. During the study, the women boosted their fitness levels by 17 percent and they saw a significant jump from 12 to 68 percent improvement in their ability to process information and make sound decisions. This study suggested, for the first time, that exercise improves high-level cognitive function. The women in the study weren’t simply more alert, they were, in fact, better thinkers. Now what would a 12 to 68 percent improvement in processing information and productivity do for your annual income?

Which brings me to the point of this column: what cost are you willing to pay to function at optimal peak performance? Are you willing to allocate the extra time it takes to exercise regularly and rest enough to recover from the exercise? Are you willing to be selfish so that you can make improvements to your health and performance that will benefit everyone around you? Are you willing to invest in yourself by spending a percentage of your income on your own health and fitness? Let’s be real, it there’s some level of sacrifice to be in shape, but people who exercise regularly are physically 10 years younger than people  who are their same age. Regular exercise not only puts you in a position to earn more, it keeps you earning longer. Yes, it takes time, money, and dedication, but if you’re really serious about gaining that competitive advantage, then commit to be fit!

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Fitness trainer Mark Jenkins has worked with clients like Mary J. Blige, Beyonce, LL Cool J D’Angelo, L.A. Reid and Diddy, as well as several corporations and corporate executives. See his weekly fitness and wellness column on

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