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President Obama Seals Iran Deal with Maryland Senator’s Vote

Ten Democratic 'hold outs' remain, as White House pushes for more support

Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D-Md.) announced support for President Obama’s Iran nuclear deal today, sealing a…

By Janell Hazelwood

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Does Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders Have a #BlackLivesMatter Problem?

Democratic presidential hopeful remains the underdog as he rallies for African American voters

Bernie Sanders is the Democratic underdog when it comes to black voters, and his run-ins…

By Janell Hazelwood

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Black Candidates Running for Congress Hits Record High

Black politicians set to make history in Congress

With more blacks climbing the political ladder, Congress has reached a historical high in the…

By Courtney Connley

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Reports: Southern Democrats Seek to Woo Black Votes

POTUS unpopularity among white people forcing Senate candidates to make choices

President Obama’s deep unpopularity among whites forcing Senate candidates to make choices.

By Richard Spiropoulos

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Obama Returns Portion of Pay to Show Solidarity with Workers

Obama Hopeful For 2014 Dems House Takeover

President remains willing to work with Republicans on his stalled agenda

It will be an uphill battle to dismantle the Republican majority, Obama conceded at a…

By Aaron Morrison

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We Can’t Let Washington Wreck Our Businesses

Within the next few weeks, the federal government is expected to make spending cuts that will inevitably hurt legions of small businesses

African Americans will more than likely feel the most severe pain.

By Derek T. Dingle

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Smoothie Shop Owner Charges “Liberals” More in Store

What do you think of this store owner's pricing?

Owner points to a menu that lists 16 oz. juices and smoothies as $4.95 for…

By Black Enterprise

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Rep. Darrell Issa To File Lawsuit Against Atty. General Eric Holder

The "Fast and Furious" saga has taken another wild turn

The “Fast and Furious” saga has taken another wild turn


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Conservative 6-Year-Old Gives Reasons Not To Vote For Obama

Isaac Anthony gives ten reasons why Obama doesn't deserve another term in office

Isaac Anthony gives ten reasons why Obama doesn’t deserve another term in office

By Black Enterprise

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Campaign Trail Style: First Lady Michelle Obama’s Top Fashion Moments

Take a page from her book of chic to achieve your own power looks

Take a look at Michelle Obama’s best style moments while campaigning for President Barack Obama.…


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Kim Burrell

Opinion: What Republicans Could Learn From Being Gay

Commentator Raynard Jackson shares his views on the recent debate over Pres. Obama's stance on gay rights

Some argue that gay rights and civil rights are the same, while others, like Raynard…

By Raynard Jackson

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The Hypocrisy of Democracy: Discrimination by Any Means Necessary

Questioning whether or not there really is a difference between being Democrat or Republican

With the candidates for the 2012 presidential election in place some wonder whether true democracy…

By Raynard Jackson

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The Black Vote: The Only Way Republicans Can Beat Obama

Often ignoring the minority vote, Republicans fail to tap into the diversity of the American people

As the 2012 presidential election heats up some believe Republicans fail to make headway because…

By Raynard Jackson

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Obama Signs Off on Super PAC Donations

The president’s reelection campaign will support Priorities USA Action, the super PAC designed to keep him in office

President Obama has had a change of heart towards super Pacs. The president’s reelection campaign…

By Joyce Jones

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Obama Pushes for Veterans Portion of Jobs Plan

Will it suffer the same fate as the president's other employment initiatives?

With the unemployment rate for Iraq and Afghanistan veterans in the double digits, President Obama…

By Joyce Jones

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Soledad O'Brien

In the News: Soledad O’Brien Returns to CNN Mornings; Senate Blocks Another Part of Obama Jobs Plan and More

A few noteworthy headlines around the Web

See what’s going on in the world with today’s compilation of news around the Web

By Sade K. Muhammad

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Obama Tests New Jobs Message on the Road

The nation’s commander in chief travels to swing states with his piecemeal approach to the jobs bill

After Senate Republicans successfully blocked debate on the American Jobs Act, President Obama implemented a…

By Joyce Jones

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Obama Criticizes Capitol Hill Partisanship

The president asks voters to tell Congress they’ve had it with the infighting.

In a speech delivered at a Michigan battery plant Thursday afternoon, President Obama said he…

By Joyce Jones

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How Obama and the Democrats Dropped the Ball…Again

Dr. Marc Lamont Hill says America is left with the burden of paying for the embarrassing ineptitude of Obama and the Democrats

With the passing of the debt-ceiling bill, Dr. Marc Lamont Hill says America is left…

By Marc Lamont Hill

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Put Pressure on Congress To Do The Right Thing

President Obama used his bully pulpit to address the nation and his opponents

One week before a possible, first-time default on our national debt, President Obama used his…

By Derek T. Dingle

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Apply to More Than 50 HBCUs at Once With the Common Black College Application

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