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How to Master Your ‘To Do’ List As a Solopreneur

Learn how to plan and delegate tasks to position your business for success.

Solopreneurs, are you ready to grow your business? Learn how to plan and delegate to…

By Kandia Johnson

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10 Tools You Need to Launch Your Freelance Business

These apps provide time management and can increase your productivity

If you’re ready to join 53 million Americans working as a Freelancer, you should have…

By Kandia Johnson

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How Freelancers Can Boost Their Money-Making Marketability

Use this strategy to diversify your income streams

As a freelancer, one must have a bit of hustle in them. Here are ways…

By Janell Hazelwood

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gil robertson smiling

Lucrative Side Hustles: Author Gil Robertson Shares Tricks of the Writing Trade

Diversifying your income is the name of the game and Robertson is winning

Author and journalist Gil Robertson knows a thing or two about maximizing your talents to…

By Gil Robertson

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Seasoned Freelancers: These Mistakes Could Cost You Gigs

In order to maximize your reach, you can't move like a rookie

You can’t move like a rookie and expect to get more or even, better, work.…

By Sasha King

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3 Ways Freelancers Can Upgrade Their Value

Make yourself competitive and set better rates

Here’s how freelancers can set a rate that is competitive and make a good living…

By BlackEnterprise.com

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6 Resources Every Freelancer Should Know

From health insurance to job opportunites, these will ensure your career success

When it comes to success in getting and making a living from freelance work, the…

By Starrene Rhett

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5 Steps to Getting Started as a Freelancer

Here's how to begin and maintain a living as an independent worker

Freelancer-turned-entrepreneur Cameron Moore, of Random Order NYC, gives 5 steps to beginning a successful career…

By Starrene Rhett

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