Seasoned Freelancers: These Mistakes Could Cost You Gigs

Seasoned Freelancers: These Mistakes Could Cost You Gigs

Freelancers have great opportunities for advancement because they are totally in charge of their careers. You make your own hours, and determine the clients and type of work you would like to do. When beginning your career as a freelancer it can be hard to establish yourself, and as a result many exceptions are made. Brazen Careerist wants to make sure you don’t get stuck in freelance rut. Make sure that you are no longer making these mistakes as a seasoned freelancer.

Mistake No. 1: Relying on job boards for all of your work
Job boards are one of the best ways to get clients in the early days when you’re just scraping by. But you shouldn’t depend on them forever. Here’s why:

  • You become a commodity. There’s simply too much competition responding to job boards. So instead of shining for your creative work, you become a number in a large crowd. To sift through all of those people, the hiring person or organization has to focus on objective criteria like price and your qualifications.
  • If your background and experience don’t match up properly, or your price is out of an employer’s league, they’ll just discard your submission and move on to the next person. The marketing ROI of this activity becomes so low that your time is probably better spent doing other things to bring in business.

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