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Respect the Position: Making Benefit of the Doubt an Ally on the Job

Boost morale and avoid stress by trusting that someone is adequately qualified

When it comes to any job, there has to be a level of trust that…

By Janell Hazelwood

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Everyone loves a team player. They're the people willing to offer their individual skills and talents to achieve a collective goal. They're not into throwing people under the bus or back-biting. They see the big picture and seek to fulfill the bottom line while also letting their specific contribution be recognized.

There are certain qualities that every team player embodies, and Madame Noire takes a look at eight of those. See whether you hold these traits, and if you don't, learn how you can develop them.

8 Traits That Make You a Great Team Player

A great asset to any company, these qualities ensure your success

Madame Noire details qualities that make anyone an awesome team player

By BlackEnterprise.com

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