Company Activities That Will Strengthen Any Culture

Company Activities That Will Strengthen Any Culture

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These days, culture is paramount for having a strong team to execute your business vision. Ideas are worthless on their own; without a strong team, you won’t succeed. When building a business, you want employees who deeply understand the company. A big piece of that is recognizing that, at the end of the day, they’re just people with normal daily stresses and worries.

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My company, TheSquareFoot, is an unconventional business – we’re taking commercial real estate into the digital age – so we’re used to alternative practices. But like our business model, our unconventional ways have a purpose and rely on three major points: team building, nourishment, and fun. Throughout our growth, I’ve recognized a few unconventional ways (that anyone could try) to positively impact office culture and foster a strong team.

Encouraging Team Building
Team building allows us to cultivate a culture that works together to reach goals. Our team-building activities are sometimes conventional (we’ve gone on plenty of team hikes), and at other times unique. For example, we went as a team to the Philharmonic in the Park. Doing activities like this allows all of us to realize that being a team is about more than just solving problems together at work; it also means enjoying things together. Being able to move as a unit is a great indicator of how well we function.

Team building comes in many forms, but field trips are some of our favorite ways to build morale. Eating together and having fun together are two other favorites. The founders usually come up with three to five suggestions and poll the team. To keep track of these outing ideas, keep an Evernote open. Every time someone mentions something that would be fun, jot it down and use it in the next poll. If you start listening for it, you’ll notice that people make suggestions off the cuff all the time.

Providing Nourishment
Nourishment is energy, and employees who eat together work better together, since chatting over food allows everyone to get to know each other on a personal level. Understanding what is going on in someone else’s life makes you feel more connected and increases the odds that everyone will work as a team and help pull their weight when someone else has a personal issue that may cause a distraction. That’s why we emphasize nourishment as a tenet of our culture.

To foster this, our developer Sam organizes an oatmeal bar every Friday. This has impacted culture immensely, as no one schedules calls or meetings on Friday mornings, which allows a time for everyone to be in tune with the office and not be distracted by the daily grind. What’s more, other team members bring in baked goods because they also want to contribute. Having a warm meal together starts Friday off right. I’ve also found it to prevent any grumpiness throughout the office.

For our Fourth of July fiesta, we had delicious Mexican food and margaritas. While most people would expect burgers or hot dogs for the Fourth, we took an unconventional route because Mexican food is better for sharing. This event showed our employees that we enjoy vacations too, and allowed everyone to start their vacation early and share what we would be doing that weekend.

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