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Report: 25% of Small Businesses Don’t Have Websites

According to a recent report, a shocking 25% of small businesses don’t have websites.

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California Attorney General Releases Guidelines for Online Privacy

Kamala D. Harris' proposed guidelines show how sites can comply with California's newest privacy laws that require companies to disclose privacy practices

Attorney General Kamala D. Harris says the guidelines will help sites
California is making it…

By Patrick Austin

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Janet Vertesi at Theorizing the Web

How A Sociologist Hid Her Pregnancy From The Web

Janet Vertesi spoke at Theorizing the Web about the lengths she went to keep her pregnancy a secret from advertisers

Janet Vertesi spoke about buying hundreds of dollars in Amazon gift cards to hide from…

By Patrick Austin

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google adwords

Small Businesses Still Not Sold on Online Advertising

While online advertising increases, small businesses remains skittish

Small business typically have smaller budgets. But a new study found that’s not why they…

By C. Daniel Baker

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Biz Expert Q&A: Renting Ad Space on Your Website

Solutions to help you monetize your online content

My girlfriend and I have a website and we are trying to switch Web hosting…

By Marcia Wade Talbert

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How To


How to Position Yourself As an Industry Authority

To build your authority, you’ll need a continuous message that tells the world who you…

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‘I See You’: The Power and Beauty of Building Multiple Tribes of Professional Women

Women that make the time to find their tribes of professional sisters have a competitive…

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