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Pres. Obama Goes Golfing With Tiger Woods in Florida

Obama has played over 100 rounds of golf since he became president

President Obama meets championship golfer Tiger Woods on the golf course for President’s Day weekend

By Makkada B. Selah

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Obama’s Favorite D.C. Burger Chain Closes

Obama’s Favorite D.C. Burger Chain Closes

President Obama and VP Biden frequented Ray's Hell Burger

Ray’s Hell Burger, which President Obama made famous, is closing 2 locations

By C. Daniel Baker

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president obama smiling

Pres. Obama Says the Penny May be Passé

Obama said it wouldn't be a huge savings for the government to discontinue the penny

Do you think it’s useful anymore?

By Makkada B. Selah

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U.S. small business hiring increases in February

Small Business Associations React to State of the Union Address

Associations generally agreed with the President's speech

The president touched on several topics close to owners, including sequestration

By C. Daniel Baker

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Image: Official White House Photo by Pete Souza

3 Ways to Weigh In During the State of the Union Address

The State of the Union goes interactive, let your voice be heard

BlackEnterprise.com highlights 3 ways you can make your State of the Union much more interactive.…

By Janel Martinez

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(Image: Official White House Photo)

President Obama to Host Second Google Hangout

The president to hold a Fireside Hangout on Thursday

Two days after delivering the State of the Union address to Congress, the president will…

By Janel Martinez

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ossie davis and ruby dee

You Make Me Better…Most Iconic Black Business-Celebrity Relationships Ever

Which of these couples is your favorite?

Ossie and Ruby, Will and Jada and more

By Mia N. Hall

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BE capitol_hill

We Can’t Let Washington Wreck Our Businesses

Within the next few weeks, the federal government is expected to make spending cuts that will inevitably hurt legions of small businesses

African Americans will more than likely feel the most severe pain.

By Derek T. Dingle

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Skeet- Shooting Obama Action Figure Released

Action figure of the president released days after White House photo showing him skeet-shooting

President Obama made headlines recently when a photo was released of him skeet shooting at…

By Sasha King

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Obama Speaks Out on Ban on Gay Boy Scouts

Boy Scouts could end gay ban

President Obama expresses support for gay boy scouts during interview

By Makkada B. Selah

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Jesse Jackson Urges Obama to Come to Chicago

Jackson says Obama visit necessary

Rev. Jesse Jackson thinks federal intervention is needed in Chicago to combat gang-violence.

By Makkada B. Selah

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President Obama Fires a Gun in Newly Released Photo

Obama says he engages in skeet shooting all the time

White House releases a photo of President Obama discharging a shotgun

By Makkada B. Selah

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Olympic Champion Gabby Douglas

Gabby Douglas Gives Olympic Memorabilia to Smithsonian

Gabby Douglas gives pictures, leotards and more to Smithsonian National Museum.

Gabby Douglas goes down in history and donates personal bits to the Smithsonian National Museum…

By Amber McKynzie

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Obama Artifacts - Featured

Museum Curators Search for Artifacts to Commemorate President Obama

Museum curators hit the ground in search of personable Obama memorabilia after Monday's inauguration.

Museum curators go in search of Obama memorabilia for 2015 museum opening.

By Amber McKynzie

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(Image: File)

Employers Fire Workers After Showing Support for Obamacare

Companies across the country fire employees for supporting Obama and Obamacare initiatives.

Employers across the country exercise their right to fire employees for political affiliation.

By Amber McKynzie

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Cornel West Disappointed in President Obama’s Use of MLK’s Bible

Dr. Cornel West speaks out against President Obama being sworn in using Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s bible.

Cornel West expresses disappointment in President Obama during panel at George Washington University.

By Amber McKynzie

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Obama’s Second Inauguration Expected to Draw Less Revenue to Small Business

Obama’s Second Inauguration Draws Less Revenue to Small Business

Did you go to the Inauguration?

Official estimates put crowd at less than half the 1.8 million people whom gathered four…

By C. Daniel Baker

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Lupe Fiasco Thrown Off-Stage During Inaugural Concert

Organizers say they're all for free speech but Lupe went on for too long

Rapper Lupe Fiasco delivers anti-Obama speech and song at Inauguration party and is asked to…

By Makkada B. Selah

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President Obama’s Official Portrait for Second Term Released

In the first official portrait the president was straight-faced; In his second, he's smiling

The White House releases President Obama’s official portrait for his second term

By Makkada B. Selah

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CEO: “I Will Start Killing People if Obama Introduces Tighter Gun Control”

CEO calls Obama a "dictator," posts a ranting video online

One CEO says he’s willing to go to outrageous lengths to protect his right to…

By C. Daniel Baker

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