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Industry Secret: How to Master the Top Leadership Skill in the Job Market

Professional coach John Keyser let's the cat out of the bag

Executive coach John Keyser offers key strategy to boost an indispensable leadership skill: team building.

By James Walker

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4 Good Reasons You Should Pursue an Advanced Degree

Consider the perks of having more education under your belt

Consider the added perks of having more education under your belt, from higher salary to…

By Jamie Harrison

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financial head start

Misguided: 4 Worst Excuses for Pursuing an Advanced Degree

Don't make the wrong choice that could cost you in the long run

If your primary motivation for going to grad school falls into one of the rash…

By Jamie Harrison

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4 Things to Consider Before Pursuing an Advanced Degree

Career coach details key issues to ensure you make the right decision

In a 5-part series “Grad School vs. The School of Life,” we explore issues of…

By Jamie Harrison

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Jobless Blues: 8 Coping Tactics for the Newly Unemployed

Acknowledge the challenges then get back into the saddle

With many companies still conducting layoffs, bouncing back from becoming unemployed can be difficult. Here’s…

By Sasha King

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Code of (Low) Confidence: CEOs Less Optimistic About Global Market

You can turn that around. Check out a few tips on how

A new survery found many chief executives pessimistic about market success. If you’re a company…

By Janell Hazelwood

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Looking for a New Thang: Top 7 Gigs for Career Changers

Can't decide what to do or be? Here are more options

Whether you’re looking for something less stressful, more exciting or even more radical, these options…

By Janell Hazelwood

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5 Ways to Be the Best Leader When All Hell Breaks Loose

Crisis management is a top trait of effective leadership

Learn 5 steps to effective crisis management and gain respect of your team.

By Amanda A. Ebokosia

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Multiple Personalities: How to Lead a Diverse Team to a Common Goal

Use these management tips to unify staff with diverse traits

Amy Gallo, management consultant and Harvard Business Review contributing editor, offers tips to managing multiple…

By Amanda A. Ebokosia

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7 Deadly Sins of Management Professionals

Don't let these vices derail your team--- and career--- success

As a manager, appropriate leadership is key. Stay away from these common power vices in…

By Aisha M. Taylor

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7 Deadly Sins of Senior Professionals

Top vices that can derail workplace success of seasoned workers

Wanda Jackson, a senior vice president at The National Urban League — and a 20-year…

By Aisha M. Taylor

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5 Summer Fashion Trends Perfect for the Office

Incorporate these pieces to add pop to your professional style

Here are top trends you can incorporate into your professional look, from neon to floral.


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Leadership: 5 Steps to Upgrading Your WOW

Innovation and expansion is key in remaining on top of your career game

Here’s how to upgrade your “WOW” or Way Of Working, to ensure you continue to…


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Leadership: 6 Steps to Putting Your Vision Into Action

Take a cue from an entrepreneur who implemented a 90-day challenge to jumpstart success

In 90 days, you can be on the path to reaching your career and life…


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6 Habits of Stand-Out Employees

With these actions, you'll ensure your presence is memorable

Here are actions that every memorable employee takes to stand out among the pack.


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Kevin Liles Offers Valuable Assessment for Today’s Professionals

Tool provides vital insight on career strengths, weaknesses, purpose

Music executive-turned-entrepreneur urges youth to find best career that suits their talents and purpose.

By Janell Hazelwood

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Cool Jobs: Television Executive Cultivates Diversity for the Screen

Tiffany Smith-Anoa’i enjoys ensuring inclusion and fairness in entertainment

Tiffany Smith-Anoa’i, a CBS diversity executive, enjoys ensuring inclusion and fairness in entertainment.

By Gil Robertson

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5 Sure-Fire Ways to Be Happier at Work

These scientifically-proven steps will ensure a positive workday

These five steps are scientifically proven to contribute to a happier workday.


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Office Shade: 6 Things to Consider When Dealing with Workplace Politics

Learn to navigate the career advancement waters properly

Some professionals play the career advancement game clean, with ethics and moral limits, while others…


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Mentorship Checklist: Three Steps to Finding the Right Fit

Determine the right fit for your ultimate career advancement

Before choosing a mentor, be mindful of three key things that will ensure your experience…

By Demetria Irwin

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