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Hide & Seek

The first step in accessing capital is to identify internal cash

“Cash is always king,” says entrepreneur Robert L. Wallace. “If you have cash, it doesn’t…

By Maya Payne Smart

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Making the Right Moves on the Net

Use social networking, new media to boom your business

When Candi Carter launched a line of educational DVDs for children in March, she had…

By Tamara E. Holmes

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Pop-Up Stores Provide Lucrative Alternative For Small Businesses

Temporary spaces serve as effective marketing tools

Savvy entrepreneurs and larger retailers are opening up temporary stores, or “pop-ups” in empty storefronts,…

By Marcia Wade Talbert

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Shaking Things Up

Now is the time to go after new market niches

With the economic downturn persisting and companies continuing to tighten their belts, it seems that…

By Bridget McCrea

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Ready, Set, Grow

Taking your business to the next level is a strategic process that requires consideration and planning

We all know that entrepreneurs rock to the beat of a different drummer. That’s how…

By Tennille M. Robinson

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Money Matters

Unusual places to find small business funding in a challenging environment

Securing capital remains a difficult feat for most entrepreneurs. And with banks keeping the purse…

By Bridget McCrea

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Young Entrepreneurs Take Front Seat Navigating Road to Success

How they stay motivated, keep the gears moving

With a penchant for making money and a grasp of their life’s passions, these young…

By Renita Burns

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Teen Tips for Entrepreneurship

Young business owners give insight on finding balance

In this, the third article of a four- part series about youth entrepreneurship, three teens…

By Marcia Wade Talbert

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Lesson Plans for Young Entrepreneurs

Teach your children and teens to become business minded

In part two of BlackEnterprise.com’s four-part series on youth entrepreneurship, we’ll be looking at resources…

By Marcia Wade Talbert

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Youth Use Entrepreneurship as a Pathway to Success

National business plan competition nurtures dreams

Running a successful business is not an easy feat no matter what your age. Yet…

By Marcia Wade Talbert

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Dare to Take a Chance

With one risky move, an entrepreneur scores big

One executive with Waterlicious, a Marina Del Rey, California-based water manufacturer found an unconventional way…

By Tamara E. Holmes

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How to Benefit from a Business Incubator

Resources to help you get your startup off the ground

Incubators are mentoring centers that provide coaching, networking opportunities, and even affordable office space, says…

By Margarette Burnette

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QUIZ: Is Opening a Franchise Right for You?

Vital questions before you make your move

With information from Boyce, Randall S. Hansen, founder of Quintessential Careers and FranchiseHelp.com, BlackEnterprise.com created…

By Renita Burns

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How to Raise an Entrepreneur

Tips to awaken your childs business sense

The mind of a child is unparalleled. Bursting with creativity and fearlessness, most children do…

By Renita Burns

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The Small Business Check-up

An examination before you move to the next level

Once entrepreneurs successfully surmount the difficult process of building startup capital and writing out a…

By Marcia Wade Talbert

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Standing Out Among Competitors

How to make your mark in a saturated industry

When Mahisha Dellinger set out to launch her Elk Grove, California-based hair care company Curls…

By Bridget N. Armstrong

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Book Review: The Best Teacher Is Other People’s Experience

"My Biggest Mistake ..." is a must-read for smart aspiring�and repentant established�entrepreneurs

Smart aspiring entrepreneurs—and new business owners who’ve taken their lumps and are willing to change…

By Alfred Edmond, Jr.

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Small Business Guide for Success

Launching a business? Here are tips to get you started--the right way!

Matters entrepreneurs should consider in forming a business, courtesy of Kevin Freeman, a Chicago-based corporate…

By BlackEnterprise.com

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