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Here Are 4 Smart Ways to Use Your Tax Refund

It’s important to not spend your entire tax refund. You must have a plan in…

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How to Budget for Unexpected Windfalls

Having a plan for unexpected financial windfalls can be just as important as anticipating surprise expenses

Having a plan for unexpected windfalls can be as important as anticipating surprise expenses. Just…

By Alfred Edmond, Jr.

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Are You Doing The Right Thing With Your Tax Refund?

For savvy professionals, tax season means getting creative with how to use your tax refund check

What should you do with that tax refund once you get it? The left side…

By Carolyn M. Brown

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5 Simple Options For This Year’s Tax Refund

Here's how to optimize your tax money

As tax day zeros in you may be wondering what you should do with this…

By Carrie Pink

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10 Easy Tax Moves You Should Make Now

These tips can increase your 2015 tax refund

With the holidays in the rear view mirror, most of us are focused on sticking…

By Denise Campbell Laidler

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3 Smart Ways to Use Your Tax Refund

Tonya Rapley talks best ways to spend your tax refund

Tonya Rapley gives three smart ways to spend your tax refund this year.

By Brittany Dandy

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Walmart Shoppers Can Pick Up Tax Refund in Cash

No more waiting on tax refund checks

Walmart announced that instead of taxpayers opting for check or direct deposit this tax refund season, they can…

By Essence Gant

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Opinions on How to Spend Your Tax Refund Run the Gamut

How will you spend yours?

Everyone has an opinion at this time of year.

By Darren Sands

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The Equifax hack could be the largest data theft involving Social Security numbers, which is…

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