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tilane jones

Meet the Woman Behind the African American Film Festival Releasing Movement

The woman behind the AAFFRM

Jones took over in 2008

By The Shadow League

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Harvard's Tommy Amaker is one of several African American coaches in the Ivy League.

Ivy League Hoops, Ahead of The Curve in Coaching Diversity

The Ivy League has a long and storied tradition of African-American representation and achievement in sport

Which Division I men’s basketball conference currently has the country’s highest concentration and percentage of…

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Is Black TV A Must See?

Is there any must see black tv programming on the air today?

What is your favorite show starring a black lead today? There is Scandal starring Kerry…


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BlackEnterprise.com partner The Shadow League considers the weighty legacy of Kobe Bean Bryant.

TSL: The Incredible Life and Trying Basketball Times of Kobe Bryant

As Kobe heals from yet another injury, we lament the legacy of a true NBA legend

What is it about Kobe Bryant that has allowed him to will himself into this…

By The Shadow League

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TheShadowLeague.com Launches Digital Radio Show ‘TSL Sports Talk’

Mark Gray to host “TSL Sports Talk,” Shadow League Radio’s first show

Shadow League Radio will debut “TSL Sports Talk,” the site’s first digital radio show hosted…

By Darren Sands

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