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Out of the Box Vacations: Top Underrated Destination to Travel in 2015

Add these intriguing places to your bucket list this year

Change your travel game and be sure to check out the top underrated travel destinations…

By Kandia Johnson

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Do: Prepare before you hit the course      Don’t let your first encounter playing a round of golf with peers also be your first time on the green. Opt to play at an off-peak time for practice or even take a few lessons. A golf lesson can range from $45 to $100 per lesson. Green believes lessons are worth the investment. “If you get some basic fundamentals, it helps you so much further down the road because you know you’ve got good basics.”

5 Keys To Planning A Great Golf Trip

Take the advice of golf travel expert Ty DeLavallade, CEO of Golf Quests Inc.

To ensure that your next golf trip is also a great vacation, take the advice…

By Mia N. Hall

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