5 Keys To Planning A Great Golf Trip

5 Keys To Planning A Great Golf Trip

Summer is all but over and fall can turn to winter at any time. Yet, even if you live where changes in weather makes golf outings impossible during much of the year, you can still golf year-round–if you’re willing to travel.

However, planning a great golf trip can be a stressful process. Organizing dates and schedules, finding a place you and your friends or family members will enjoy, and finding a great spot for you to work on your golf skills can become overwhelming.

Ty DeLavallade has planned trips and golf events for several years, even before he started his Orlando-based golf travel company Golf Quests, Inc. Before you plan your next golf vacation with your loved one, colleagues or organization take into consideration five things DeLavallade believes will help you maximize your experience.

Seek Help from Professionals. Find a golf travel company that fits the needs of the kind of destination or the golf experience that you want. Make sure they are credible and have several options for you to choose from.

Decide What’s Most Important. Do you prefer to have a better quality resort with great amenities or a great overall destination? Some people want a hotel with a casino and great spas, while others may want to play on a first rate course and are willing to stay in a dump. Keep your priorities top of mind during the planning process.

Set a Budget. This is very important for travel and will help you determine what kind of experience you will have. Do this early in the process so that you can plan accordingly. Stay within the budget while you are there as well. A great golf trip can be ruined in the end if you end up overspending.


Research your Destination. If you are going to the Dominican Republic, what are some of the things you have to worry about? Do you know the basics of the language? Further, research the culture and the climate, to better enhance your experience with your choice. Lastly, schedule time to take in the destination, rather than just playing golf and going back to the hotel. Go and experience the location. The locals want you to come out and eat at their restaurants, visit a cigar bar, do a wine tasting, or something else other than golf at some point. Your golf travel mates will appreciate it, too.

Make Sure it’s a Vacation. Plan to take a break and not do anything that you are going to be tired from when you get back. Often, people can plan so many activities that they need a vacation when they get back from their trip. When you get back home, you should be refreshed.