‘Horses and Bayonets’ Win Social Media: 11 Best Romney Memes

Obama's zinger goes viral with unforgettable memes

President Obama came out swinging in the third and final presidential debate on Monday night. In response to a comment by Mitt Romney about the U.S. Navy’s decrease in size compared to 1916, the president jabbed back that we also have ‘fewer horses and bayonets’ being used in the face of modern technological efficiencies.


Continuing an aggressive debate strategy from last week, President Obama’s quick-witted responses were met with positive sentiment from viewers following on Black Enteprise’s Debate Chat.

But none trended as highly as the quip on horses and bayonets, which became a top trend on Facebook, Twitter, a  Tumblr page, and the number one search term on Google during the debate.

Topping last week’s gaffe on binders, Tumblr and Twitter memes on bayonets dominated social conversations. From unicorns to Wyclef Jean, we found 11 of the funniest Romney memes.


  • This is funny!!!! The thing is, overall, it’s not how many guns you have in a war, but how good your aim is the one you got. Remember, Seal Team Six took out a whole compound in one night.