An Original ‘DOOM’ Game Addict’s Thoughts on the New Beta

A new version of DOOM, the iconic, apocalyptic, monster-slaying game, is set to release on May 13. The studio opened the beta version up for testing. Here are some thoughts on new DOOM

(Image: Bethesda Softworks LLC, a ZeniMax Media company)

Like many Generation-Xers, one of my fondest and earliest memories of PC-video gaming was playing DOOM.

It was nothing similar to what many of us who were weaned off of Atari or Intellivision consoles were used to. The game play was first person shooter and there were levels, cheats, and a “God” mode which made an awesome game.

DOOM was released way back in 1993 by id Software. There were several updated versions and variations that followed (such as Wolfenstein and Quake).

Now, Bethesda Softworks LLC, a ZeniMax Media company, will release a new DOOM game on May 13. (

A couple of weekends ago, the beta opened to test. I tried the beta hanging on to past glories of slaying demons, finding character-enhancing potions, and finishing the game without resorting to cheats.

Excited to test, I played on a PC on the Steam platform.

Here are my thoughts on the beta:

– If you are expecting old DOOM, you will be disappointed. It’s more like a futuristic, in-hell Call of Duty. There are still elements of the DOOM of yesteryear, including demons, power-ups, and big guns.

– I found the graphics a little too dark and not sharp. However, it’s in beta and I don’t have a great video card.

– Shooting was a little slow.

– It was tricky to play with a mouse and keyboard; the experience is probably best with a controller.

– There are lots of great weaponry.

-There are customizations and modules (but I didn’t try them).

– You were only able to play when the online servers are up, the timetable for that was not clear. Sometimes the game would load, and other times it wouldn’t.

– Seems like a lot of adults were playing (probably wistful Gen-Xers like me). There were not much of the immature hijinks as on other multiplayer games.

I wanted to try it on Xbox before the beta closed (it was available on PS4, as well) but I didn’t get the chance.

Although the beta was not reminiscent of the DOOM of my younger years, I still pre-ordered the game. As per PC Games N. Doom will be available on Steam or through Bethesda’s list of retailers. There will be standard and collector’s editions. Both get:

–       One “unique and customizable” demon-themed armor set with three skin variations.

–       Some cosmetics in the form of six metallic paint colors and three id logo patterns.

–       Six hack modules. These are multiplayer consumables.




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  • Sam Hetfield

    …said an ASSHOLE!!!

  • Michael

    Wolfenstein was released May 5 1992. Doom was released December 10 1993. Quake was released on June 22 1996. Doom 3 is the game you refer to in 2004. It is NOT like call of duty. Also, Quake and Wolfenstein are respectively different games altogether. Just because Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter are both fighting games does not make them the same.

    • Samara Lynn

      Noted above. And…Quake, Wolfenstein and DOOM are quite similar. I didn’t say “the same.” I’ve obsessively played all three.

  • Mokaran

    This article is cringe inducing!

    • Samara Lynn

      Besides the incorrect release date, why? I’ve been playing the game since it was first released. Understand?

  • Doom lost its identity. This is a “Do not purchase” for me. But, that’s my opinion and the Internet is the best place to force that upon others. LOL

  • I’ve played Doom and every Doom engine game since its release in 1993! This article is full of inaccuracies coming from someone who claims to be an, “Original ‘DOOM’ Game Addict” then cites DOOM was released way back in 2004?!? You trashed any credibility you had right there.

    Call of Doom 4 is so far off the mark from the feel of the better original 1993 release. It has more in common with Doom 3 released in 2004 than the original from 1993. It’s basically a name there trying to cash in on at this point.

    I would rather play Doom 1, 2 or even 3 over this disservice to actual, “original” Doom fans. Also why would I buy this thing when there are plenty of FREE arena shooter to play.

    Red Eclipse:
    Team fortress 2:
    Tribes Ascend:
    Tribes 2:
    Unreal Tournament:

    • Samara Lynn

      Mistake. Originally written as 1994. (And actually 1993). Will correct, thanks.