1 In 3 Pets Will Need Emergency Care – Here’s How To Best Protect Your Fur Baby

1 In 3 Pets Will Need Emergency Care – Here’s How To Best Protect Your Fur Baby

Our pets are way too much like us. Just like we can end up feeling under the weather in what feels like an instant, your dog or cat can go from spunky to sick in a matter of minutes, too. Instead of stress-Googling their symptoms in the wee morning hours, there’s a digital clinic for pets that’s available to you 24/7 so you don’t necessarily have to take time out of your busy workday to bring your pet to the vet.

Certain things that quarantine spurred can and should stick around, and vet telemedicine is no different. Meet your online vet, Pawp, who walks you through any and every situation relating to your pet’s health.

While we may be freaking out whenever our fur child seems even just a little off, not every situation is an emergency. Instead of racking up bills from emergency room visits, you can talk to a vet virtually now with Pawp. They’ll walk you through how to deal with any mishaps you can handle on your own, or how to provide moment-to-moment care when it’s an emergency that’s beyond your skill-set.

If you’re just looking for a quick opinion, you can shoot the providers at Pawp a text. If you’re feeling like connecting on a more personal level, phone calls and video chats are also an option. In two minutes or less, you’ll be connected with a vet.

Every 1 in 3 pets needs emergency medical care at some point in their lives, but it can cost between $800 to $1,500+ for a single visit. To ensure you’ve got your baby covered in case they become the one out of those three dogs, Pawp provides up to a $3,000 emergency fund per year to pay for those unexpected costs. All you need to do is talk to an online vet who greenlights whether it’s an emergency or not. Upon their approval, you’ll have access to the emergency fund. Think of it as a pet insurance alternative, but you reap even better (and less complicated) benefits.

All it takes is $19 a month, and you’ll be ready for any situation that life throws at you. Especially for pets with pre-existing conditions that don’t qualify for traditional pet insurance, Pawp can help regardless of your pet’s past health history.

You might be like Lewis from New York, a Pawp customer that was once quoted $215 a month for just accidental coverage when it came to two pets. That’s where Pawp comes in to make those numbers more sound.

The life of an entrepreneur or employee can get hectic, so squeezing in those appointment-free visits can solidify the goal of keeping your pet as healthy and happy as you would an actual child. No need to crunch numbers, shop around, and comb through endless reviews. Check out Pawp, a straightforward, innovative new way to make sure your fur baby lives a healthy and long life.