These are the 10 Best Cities for Launching Your Career

These are the 10 Best Cities for Launching Your Career

With graduation season around the corner, the next few months will be critical for the class of 2016 as they make the transition from college life to the workforce.

But thanks to data from the personal finance website,, recent graduates will have a bit of extra information to guide them in the right direction to launching their careers.

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Focusing on the largest 100 cities in the U.S., examined social opportunities, job prospects, pay potential, career advancement, and quality of life to determine which cities are the best fit for young graduates.

While New York has the 18th highest unemployment rate and the 12th highest for graduates, the city came in first place for the best place to launch your career. As the city of bright lights and nonstop hustle, New York landed the No. 1 spot for career advancement, proving that if you’re able to weather the storm of New York’s tough living and high prices, you will eventually reap the rewards. Also, with a highly educated population and a high percentage of 20-somethings, the city ranked No. 1 for social opportunities.

Coming in the last spot of the 100 cities examined is Fayetteville, North Carolina, with low rankings for career advancement, pay potential, and job opportunities.

To see a full breakdown of the cities that rounded out the top 10 list, check the chart below. And be sure to review the full list of 100 cities at