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10 Black Business Power Couples In Black History

  • Dudley Quality Products Co-founder Joe L. Dudley Sr. (Image: Courtesy of Subject)

    Joe L. and Eunice M. Dudley: Dudley Products Company. Joe and Eunice Dudley sold Fuller hair care products door-to-door in Brooklyn New York before settling in Greensboro, North Carolina, where there was a shortage of Fuller products. So, they began manufacturing and selling their own line under the Dudley Products label in 1967. Unlike many hair and skin care providers, the Dudleys marketed their product line directly to salons rather than to retailers. By 1975, the enterprising duo had a sales force of more than 400, a beauty school, and a chain of beauty supply stores. Under the urging of her father, Ursula Dudley Oglesby launched Dudley Products Cosmetics, a full line of cosmetics for the multi-cultural woman, in 1992. Then in 2008, the Dudleys restructured the firm and turned over all day to day responsibilities to Ursula, who began Dudley Beauty Corp. Today, Dudley’s is one of few African-American family owned hair companies remaining in the United States.

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