10 Things Black People Need To Know About Crowdfunding

10 Things Black People Need To Know About Crowdfunding

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9. The Washington DC Crowdfunding Challenge was launched to give the local community another way to support individuals, startups and small businesses. The Challenge will strengthen local enterprise and economic growth.

10. In order for black businesses to have successful crowdfunding campaigns they have to have the support of black communities.

Here four DC-based individuals and firms that have launched crowdfunding campaigns:

Dega Schembri and Lucinda LaRee, owners of CityFitness Gym in Cleveland Park have launched a crowdfunding campaign to “help us stay an independently owned neighborhood gym”;  www.igg.me/at/cityfitness . City Fitness is “the longest standing woman owned fitness business in Washington DC.

Wanda Henderson, owner and operator of Wanda’s Salon & Spa, has over 30 years of experience in hair care business in Washington, DC. She is crowdfunding a new hair care product, Shirley¹s Secret, made with peanut oil and sage, www.igg.me/at/wandas.

Melvin Deal, founder of the African Heritage Dancers & Drummers, has a campaign to help self-publish a book describing the history of African Dance in America, www.igg.me/at/africanheritage.

Melake Gebre wants to bring jazz musicians from all over the US to his Uniontown Bar and Grill, www.igg.me/at/uniontown.

Local individuals and business owners can learn more about raising capital to finance projects or products at a DC only Investment Crowdfunding Forum taking place on December 12, 2014. Visit https://www.eventbrite.com/e/dc-only-investment-crowdfunding-forum-tickets14582054317.