102-Year-Old Annie Mae Belin Says Minding Her Own Business Is The Key to Living A Long Life

102-Year-Old Annie Mae Belin Says Minding Her Own Business Is The Key to Living A Long Life

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Annie Mae Belin (Image: WPDE)

Well, Granny, we’ll let you tell it. A woman who recently celebrated her 102nd birthday shared some keys to living a long happy life.

Annie Mae Belin of Darlington, South Carolina, joined family and friends to celebrate a very special birthday on Tuesday at Truth and Fellowship Ministry in Florence, WPDE reported. After spending more than a centennial on Earth, Belin was asked for her advice on living out a long life.

“Obedience. And trying to tend to my business,” Beline said. “And leave other people’s business alone. Unless I have to get in it. Because I love to talk and I love people.”

She also credited her faith in God for helping her make it this far.

“My relationship with God. He’s my all. My everything thing. I just want to keep on loving God,” she added. “And treating people like I want to be treated. Because we need more love in the world for one thing. Obedience is the best of all. And trust in God.”

Her pastor, Dr. Johnathon Briggs, praised Beline for being a loving and supportive person to the church members, according to Yahoo.

“I’m humbled. For God to trust me with one of his prized possessions is a testament that his hand is upon me,” said Briggs. “And he believes that I will obey him in doing what I need to do. So, to have the opportunity to be her pastor is a humbling experience. Because it says a lot about how God thinks of me.”

As for Belin, she loves life and enjoys her time at church and her bi-weekly visits to the hair salon. The only thing she misses most is getting up and going to work.

“I feel really good. Ain’t but one thing, they won’t let me work,” she said. “I have made cigarettes. Because my first job was in RJ Reynolds tobacco company. My cigarettes, chewing tobacco, snuff. All that stuff in Fairmont, NC,.”