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a while to build people’s trust and to get people to understand that we stand behind what we mean. We’re about changing lives.

A study was published earlier this year chronicling the plight of young black men. How can foundations and nonprofit work help address issues that concern the black community?
We need to influence our generation to get away from the “once I get a lot of money, the first thing I’m going to do is get a Bentley” mentality. I’m not saying they shouldn’t get nice cars, but the first thing I did when I got a lot of money was to take care of necessities, not the things I wanted. Sometimes we go past necessities and concentrate on things we want.

If there are people in need here at home, what do you think about our government sending troops and resources abroad?
We don’t have enough money, troops, and supplies because we’re trying to take care of Iraq, Afghanistan, and other countries when we should be taking care of our own. I think we’re investing too much outside the country. We’re stretched too thin. Let’s save our troops. Let’s bring them home and invest back into this country. I don’t know why New Orleans hasn’t been rebuilt. It’s crazy to me.

What’s next for the foundation?
Hopefully, I can expand it into other things, like helping young people understand that you don’t want to wear your jeans baggy, or if you go to a nice restaurant, there is a certain way to dress, a way to eat, a way to carry yourself. We have to reach them early.