Black Twitter: 18 Notable (Black) Social Media Moments

18 Notable (Black) Social Media Moments

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Booker Helps Superstorm Sandy Victims Via Twitter

Newark Mayor Cory Booker is no stranger to Twitter (see what he did with the dog, right?). However the mayor’s Twitter timeline became a resource during Superstorm Sandy, tweeting important information to Newark residents. He even served as comic relief by making a few jokes every now and then.

Rihanna Becomes Twitter Sensation…For The Wrong Reasons

It seems that pop star Rihanna has been all over Twitter and Instagram lately, but not for her music. The singer’s scantily clad photos, Twitter beefs and defense of her former lover Chris Brown have kept her in the news…for all the wrong reasons.

CNN Anchor TJ Holmes Live Tweets ‘Driving While Black’

CNN anchor TJ Holmes tweeted a photo of him getting pulled over by a cop in suburban Atlanta earlier last summer. The anchor, who claimed he hadn’t broken any laws, was pulled over by the police because of problems with his “insurance papers.” The situation showed that even celebrities are not above racial profiling.

Gwyneth Paltrow Drops the N-Word on Twitter

Is the N-word okay to say on Twitter? The white Hollywood star tweeted a photo backstage at Kanye West and Jay-Z’s “Watch the Throne” tour, quoting the duo’s song title, N-gas in Paris. Even after Black celebrities defended her, Paltrow’s tweets sparked a firestorm on Twitter.

Twitter Opens Office In Detroit

One of Twitter’s most prolific moves happened offline. The social media giant opened an office in Detroit, adding a much needed tech presence to the struggling city. #TwitterDetroit became a trending topic as officials and citizens expressed support for the move.

Whitney Houston’s Death Breaks on Twitter

An unsuspecting tweet from a family member of one of Whitney Houston’s employees confirmed the death of the late singer almost a half-hour before any news media. The tweet added a personal touch to the tragedy and has further cemented Twitter as a breaking news platform.

Pharrell Williams Launches I AM OTHER

The Grammy-award winning producer has made his mark in music and fashion, but in 2012 he launched I AM OTHER, a social network for creatives. Combining traditional social media as well as a video platform on YouTube. The producer hosted the most-recent season of Issa Rae’s Awkward Black Girl. In fact, social media propelled Rae into viral success, resulting in a development deal with ABC Television.

Oprah Responds to Detractors on Twitter

Twitter’s open nature means that celebrities are more open than ever, which is not always a good thing. After being called out for not doing enough for African Americans, the billionaire media mogul responded with the tweet, “I’ve put 500 African -American men thru college. And u sir?”

I guess we know who won that Twitter battle.

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