2020Shift and Uber Will Teach You All About Product Design

2020Shift and Uber Will Teach You All About Product Design

2020Shift, a startup dedicated to assisting young men and women of color in navigating the technical career world, announced a new partnership with Uber to offer a seven-week product design course.

The program’s curriculum was developed by 202Shift and Uber. The course instructor is Jesse Owens, a technology professional with over a decade of experience. “As the product design instructor, I’ll be driven to instill the fundamental mechanics, including the art of engaging stakeholders and development teams, career experiences, and industry best practices to become a successful product professional,” says Owen.

The course focuses on building the skills required for product design. The course reflects Uber’s method of bringing a product to market–using the ride-sharing services design and tech philosophies.

Specifically, students will be instructed on visualizing, testing, and designing a product. They’ll also receive guidance on how to identify market need as well as the fundamentals of user design and experience.

The course doesn’t end with the finished product, however. Product testing, management, road mapping, and prototyping are also part of the course.

“In order to make sure we are aligning our courses with current market needs, we seek to work with the most innovative companies in the tech space and beyond,” says Ariel Lopez, founder, and CEO of 2020Shift.

“We are proud to announce that our next partnership with Uber will help people learn the fundamentals of product design while benefiting from real-life work experience and mentorship. We appreciate Uber’s commitment to diversity and inclusion and are excited to help them get access to qualified talent.”

“At Uber, we’re always focused on recruiting and retaining top talent. This partnership with 2020Shift will allow us to help teach up-and-coming tech talent the right skills to make an impact not just at Uber, but in the broader tech industry,” says Nikki Cuellar, operations and logistics manager and partnership sponsor at Uber.

The course offering underscores the goals of 2020Shift, to highlight not only the necessity of coding skills but also other critical skills needed to secure a good career in the tech industry. The organization launched its “More Than Code,” last April, which offered instruction in digital marketing, UX/UI design, team building, and other essential skills.

Enrollment for the course is open, and more information is available at 2020Shift’s website.