3 Florida Teenagers Arrested and Charged With Killing Missing High School Classmate

3 Florida Teenagers Arrested and Charged With Killing Missing High School Classmate

3 Florida Teenagers
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According to authorities, two teenage girls and a teen boy in Florida have been arrested and charged for plotting and then killing a high school classmate after luring him from his home.

According to NBC News, the victim was Dwight “DJ” Grant, and he went missing on Oct. 17. His body was discovered two days later in Miramar, about 20 miles north of downtown Miami. He was found in the bushes behind the apartment complex where he resided, police officials told NBC South Florida.

The three teenagers believed to be responsible for his death were arrested last week and charged with luring Grant from his apartment and then using a knife and a sword to kill him. One of the young girls held Grant down as the boy attacked him, while the other girl kept an eye out to make sure no one witnessed the horrendous act.

The three teenagers are charged with first-degree murder, conspiracy, and evidence tampering.

Fox News reported that the teenagers planned the killing after Grant had sex with the ex-girlfriend of one of the suspects. The suspects’ ages are 17 and 18 for the girls and 17 years old for the boy. Police officials said Grant was lured by the 17-year-old boy’s current girlfriend, the 17-year-old female suspect, who he had arranged to meet to have sex.

According to the arrest affidavit, the teenage boy was upset that Grant had a sexual encounter with an ex-girlfriend. He then texted another suspect and typed, “murder will definitely happen soon.”

He expressed to that girl that he was upset because he had an “emotional connection” to the girl Grant had sex with. The male suspect had his current girlfriend arrange to meet to have sex with Grant. The other suspect texted the male suspect and responded that she would “help him” kill Grant, police said. The boy had also contacted the third suspect and said that a boy had raped his female friend.

Miramar police have stated that no evidence was found of a sexual assault and the former girlfriend told detectives that the sex she had with Grant was consensual.