3 Hot Gadgets for Summer Fun

3 Hot Gadgets for Summer Fun

Whether you’re in the pool, at the park, or on the basketball court, these gadgets and apps will help you play safely, have fun, improve your game and stay connected.

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The EbikeMotion iWOC joystick

The ebikemotion platform is the first to try and bring GPS, fitness, and mobile info together into one safe package. Although sold separately, these gadgets for standard and electric bikes can help your bike ride be both safe and informational. The iWOC joystick (Intelligent Wireless Operative Controller) is a universal remote that uses wireless Bluetooth SMART technology to switch gears, signal turns, answer your phone, silence alerts, adjust music; or calculate route, speed, heart rate and cadence using the ebikemotion app or other fitness apps. It goes on your handlebar under your favored hand allowing you to keep your hands on your bars and off of your cell phone. The controller is waterproof and has five customization buttons. Users will only need ebikemotion’s iWoc® pack and the appropriate holder and cradle for their smartphone. Additionally, the iWOC One mount is a power supply for whatever display you choose and serves as a Bluetooth control interface to your ebike. The EbikeMotion just debuted at EuroBike 2015. The price is still to be determined.

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